10 May 2015

The Weekend Update

Friday night.  I stopped at a gas station and re-fueled the car.  Then made it to the vet’s office to get LB’s cremains.  Then  I came home and had my Lasagna & Garlic Bread.  The prep worked out just right.  The pizza needed to be zapped 1st and then baked.  While that was going on the Lasagna was cooking in the Oven.  So I had both dishes fresh & hot.  It was really good and I ate way too much!

I laid around for the rest of the evening and watched TV, took it easy and went to bed rather early. 

Saturday I woke up early.  I had time to eat at home after feeding the little beggars.  I did that and then climbed in the truck and headed to therapy.  It was a bit rainy but managed to stop by the time I arrived.  I had my last session in the old office, next time my therapist will be in a new office at a new location.  Funny thing, I am not sure how we talked about it but if you’ve followed me for a long time you know about a local restaurant that me & my late partner went to, just so I could oogle after a particular waiter.  Turns out she worked at that restaurant and that hot waiter is the same guy who trained her.  So I thought I might get his last name but she didn’t remember it.  Damn, he was really hot and I found out she had a crush on him too.  SMALL WORLD!

When therapy ended I walked out and into the pouring rain.  Crap not exactly what I was prepared for.  I wanted to call some friends and see about getting together for lunch but passed and headed for home.  I stopped off to pick up the mail, only one thing important in there that was my mortgage bill.  The rest was junk. 

The house was dark like it was almost night time.  The rain was pouring down like a monsoon.  I turned on the kitchen light and got the children lunch.  I got out some cheese cubes and potato chips as well as a soda and that was my lunch.  I watched a little TV and played with my phone but it was soon nap time.  I was KO in a matter of minutes.  It was a damn good nap.

When I woke up I decided it was time to go out for a bite to eat.  My problem as usual was deciding on a place to go.  I was motivated to check out the Cheesecake Factory but the rain put a damper on that.  So I found myself at a local Chinese place.  I had 4 Crab Rangoon, 1 Egg Roll and an order of Special Fried Rice minus the shrimp.  Washed it all down with a couple of diet sodas.  The meal brought back memories but it was also enjoyable.  I tend to frequent the places we went together.  My fortune is “ You have a keen sense of humor and being out the best in others.”  That’s nice too bad it didn’t tell me that I would come into money or meet a guy.  I got my lucky numbers but didn’t do a thing with them. 

Now that the meal was done it was time to shop for cat food.  It was still pouring rain.  Of course once I committed to the turn lane for the house the rain stopped.  I could have turned around but thought nope I will do it tomorrow.  I came home and kind of lounged around for the remainder of the evening. 

Sunday well this day started a little too soon at 6am.  Gator (aka Insty)decided that since I was up I should stay up.  So she screamed her little head off and I wound up feeding them.  I stayed up and paid the price by dealing with my morning allergies.  I continued watching a documentary about sugar.  It was on Netflix and it’s called Fed Up but you will see it listed as F U .  Sugar like other substances is a drug and we are all hooked on it.  They gave lab rats water with cocaine and another set with sugar water.  The rats consumed more sugar water than cocaine water.  Plus the withdrawals were worse on the sugar rats.  The movie is an eye opener but sugar is in damn near everything, so it’s next to impossible to get away from it totally.  However, there are detox programs.  You basically have to cook everything yourself and well I don’t have time for that. 

I eventually fell back asleep and then woke up way too late.  I made it to Steak N Shake for breakfast and got a seat without any problem.  I ordered lunch because breakfast food has a tendency to raise my sugar levels and I eat in over abundance.  I got my usual bowl of chili & Melt Sandwich.  Made it out the door by paying an even number of dollars.  Then on to the grocery store.  Which was not packed but there were the normal amount of people there.  I managed to pick up some popcorn which I have wanted.  I don’t eat a lot of it because it gets stuck in your teeth, then I have to fight to get it out.  I picked up cat food there and paid ten cents more per can but it was worth it.  I forgot to get treats so I am going to have to budget what little bit we have left to make it through the week.  If I do great if not then I guess I will be stopping for treats one night. 

I got everything put away and have continued my quest with laundry.  I still need to wrangle the trash and really am not looking forward to it.  Then there is the matter of supper which will be frozen pizza.  I got some peanut butter and chocolate ice cream as a treat.  I will probably down the whole pint tonight, but I am going to try not to.  I feel like while my weight isn’t moving my sugar readings are getting within tolerance and that is my main goal. 

I just ordered a data cable for my meter so that I can hook it up to my PC and it will interface with some free software that will help me and my doctor better understand how I am doing.  The only thing is that I have to test more often.  I looked at the cost for replacement strips and can get 100 for $24 on Amazon.  I got a discount card for the pharmacy and will see what they cost there.  Obviously I will go where it’s cheaper.  I can’t commit to sticking myself once per day but I will do it a little more often, probably over the weekends.  I know your supposed to test all the damn time but they have a test for that, it’s called the A1c and it gives an average of 3 months of sugars.  They actually have a meter if you want to spend the money for it and the strips that you can run the test in your own home with just a drop of blood.  It’s instant.  I will stick to the now as it’s far cheaper. 

I was feeling pretty down yesterday.  Today the sun is out and even though I have to go back to work tomorrow I am in a better frame of mind.  I still feel all of the loses be it partner or pets.  I am trying to enjoy and appreciate what I have in front of me, knowing that someday I will be mourning their loss as well. 

I saw a movie on Here about the Chippendale’s and how they got started.  It was a nightclub and it allowed women only in.  Eventually one thing led to another and the Fed’s got charges on the owner who was going to plea but the night before his court appearance he committed suicide so that all of his assets would transfer to his wife and the government was left high and dry.  The club closed and now they are a traveling act.  The charges were for murder and 3 attempted murders.  It was interesting to watch, only one really cute dancer and there was a male on male scene but it lasted like 2 seconds before the cute model got angry. 

I find myself now with the uncanny knack that my late partner had in that he knew what was going to happen before it happened.  I kept talking out loud saying oh this is going to happen or watch out he is going to commit suicide.  Not only with this movie but in several others that I have watched.  I used to find that irritating.  If I meet someone I will have to try to remember to keep my mouth closed when were at the movies. 

Real exciting weekend as you can see.  Next weekend I have the Dentist to look forward to.  Then the following weekend I will be on call and after that we will have Memorial Day which is nice and then that weekend I go to get my eyes looked at.  The month is pretty well planned out for me.  Summer is coming!  Bring on the shirtless hot looking guys and maybe I will break out a rope and catch one for myself.  No progress with on-line dating.  I think it’s a total bust.  However, I have to see my subscriptions out until the end.  Then I will probably go on a hiatus for a while. 

So what was the highlight of your weekend?  Did you enjoy it and did it go by too fast like all of the others?  Take care & be well.  I will talk with you peeps later. 

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Jude said...

The weekends (and vacations) always go by WAY too fast, LOL

I work every other weekend so this past weekend I worked Saturday. Makes for a short one for sure.

Have a good week!