04 May 2015

It’s a Manic Monday

Seems like everything I say I don’t want, seems to happen.  So I am going to see if I can work that in my favor.  I hope I don’t win the lottery.

Today has been a hellish day.  Our primary data circuit went down, so we failed over to a backup but by design backup circuits aren’t designed to carry the full load.  So it’s a smaller pipe.  As more people arrived performance went down the drain until eventually we were all at a stand still.  Don’t ask me how but I was able to participate in a video conference.  The only thing I can think of is that it’s done on a separate circuit. In any event things went back to normal within a few hours.  Now it’s like playing catch up from 2 days in stead of 1.  I think I am caught up now.  Just in time to participate in my afternoon phone shift.  Oh joy.  At least this morning the phones also stopped working.  Shame that can’t happen more often.  It’s a nice day out, perfect time for a fire drill or to practice in case a tornado crops up.  I mean you can’t ever be too prepared. 

It was difficult to get moving this morning.  I had to make sure everyone was eating.  A couple of the cats are confused and Ruth & Momma seem to wait by the back door as if LB is going to come walking up.  He’s been an inside cat for at least 5 years, he’s not going to come walking up but if he did I would let him in.  Feeding time is a reminder as well.  I know that it will take time to get used to the loss and adjust to a new normal.  It just sucks. 

So I made it in to work, hopefully things get easier as the days go by this week.  I did break down and do some retail therapy but via on-line.  I purchased some Shampoo, Conditioner and Pomade from Aveda.  I blame it on Mark E. Miller because he mentioned Aveda products during one of his podcasts last week.  I wish I could order products that would make me look like him, then a lot of my troubles would be over with.  Sadly that isn’t going to happen.  At least I have something to look forward to UPS dropping off at my door.  The order shipped today so I am more than ready to give it a try.  Aveda is a high end brand that isn’t cheap.  The next high end brand that I am familiar with is Sebastian International.  I love their products as well but have been stuck on Paul Mitchell which is a middle of the road brand.  It all does the same thing clean and condition your hair but there is something about hair care and writing instruments – I am obsessed with both and won’t hesitate to spend a fortune.  I’ve got enough product that I could open my own salon and I never, ever need to buy another pen again because I have more than a lifetime supply.  Then throw in gay porn, food, sweets and you have a complete list of all of my vices.  We all have them but we don’t all admit to having them.

I need to run.  Talk with you peeps later. 

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