06 May 2015

In the middle

Last night I ate my burrito and it was really good, despite it being filled with Chicken.  It was a relaxing evening I did some surfing but spent time with the children and my phone before calling it a night.  Kind of boring, I know.  I did stop and get the mail.  I got a note from my credit card about the dispute with the AC.  Turns out that if I want the charge to go back on my account, I need to contact the merchant and give them some specific language to use.  Otherwise they have to prove that the charge is valid.  Right now I kind of have them by the short straw, but I know eventually they will either win the dispute or they will ask me for the money they sent me via check.  I thought about contacting them but then remembered how their technician wasted my time and the reason why we are in this position in the first place is due to their failure to communicate.  So I am letting it ride and waiting to see what happens. 

I’ve noticed lately that my phone seems to be slipping out of the holder or maybe not making it in there in the first place.  I looked at it and the clip at the top is cracking.  I applied some Gorilla Glue to it to help mend it.  However, I will be hitting up Best Buy tonight after work to get a replacement.  I kind of figured that since it was plastic it would break.  I got it last year so I guess it’s served it’s purpose.  I will be looking tonight to see if there is a warranty with the new one, just in case this happens again.  I suspect this will repeat it’s self. 

Yesterday on the way to work I saw money in the road.  It looked like $1, if there had been more I am sure there would have been an accident.  I checked my lottery numbers this morning and damn no winner.  I still have one more chance another drawing tonight.  So hokus, pokus, make me wealthy with lots of money.  Shazam!  I really don’t think that will work but if it did I would call my boss and say I won’t be in today I won the lottery, need to go claim my prize.  Then I would quit my job, get a nice vehicle, hire a bonded cat sitter and hit the open road or maybe just take a cab to the airport.  I would go off on vacation and probably find some other part of the country to relocate to and bring the children with me.  Ah well no charge for dreaming.

I saw a posting on FB this morning.  You stay an hour late in the office no one notices or says anything.  You show up 5 minutes late and it’s like the world is coming to an end.  What’s wrong with this picture?  There is much truth to that. 

So on the menu for tonight is Jack Daniels BBQ Pork.  I hope it’s as good as it sounds.  I am looking forward to the smell and the taste.  Plus all of my TV shows are on tonight so there is entertainment.  Tomorrow work is buying lunch and I get to go to a staff meeting.  So at least I can take a break from packing lunch.  It will feel so odd walking in without my lunch, but it will also be nice as well.  Leaving work I will feel like I forgot something but the old memory will kick in. 

Yesterday afternoon, I went browsing to see about adopting a cat to see if I could find one that looked similar to LB.  I found one that was an almost but then I saw the fee for the adoption, no wonder there are so many pets at the pound.  The fees are high and then you have to get food, litter, etc.  Pet ownership is more like a hobby.  Hobby’s typically always cost money.  I know I can’t really replace LB but I wish I could.  The girls still sit at the back door staring off into space.  Marvin has been doing it a little bit too.  I guess the word didn’t spread to everyone.  Eventually they will just adjust to the new normal, like I have to.  Feels funny every meal only opening 2 cans of food and counting in the morning not going to 6.  At first it was odd not going to 7 but I got used to that.  6 was like a perfect number.  They were all evenly balanced 3 boys and 3 girls.  Now the girls have 1 more than the boys.  I just don’t want to part with any of them.  They all seems to be used to each other and while they have their moments, most everyone gets along.  I know while it seems bad and odd now, it can always get worse.  So I am very much thankful for what I have.  I just want to keep all of them for many more years.  Their birthdays are around the corner.

So that is all I know.  My brain is trying to keep up with work, I was eating lunch and watching TV on my phone.  So if this post doesn’t make much sense to you – there is the reason why.  I am kind of all over the place with my thoughts but I think given the circumstances I am doing okay.  Now back to the fun house.  TTYL

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