20 May 2015

Made it to the middle

So I have been monitoring my late partners Bankruptcy case for quite sometime.  Still to this day there has been no filing of a motion for Hardship Discharge.  The last I heard more than 30 days ago was that his attorney would approach the Trustees office and if they had an objection he would let me know.  Otherwise, the motion would be filed and in 30 days a decision should be reached.  I feel like I have given him ample time and while he does have other clients, you’d think he would be on top of his game.  So I will be making a dreaded phone call to inquire about a status update.  I haven’t been making payments and as I suspect unless I call he won’t reach out to me.  He will wait for it to become a surprise when I get a 30 day letter telling me that the case is going to be dismissed for non payment.  Unless your new here most everyone knows this attorney and I have done battle in the past.  Neither of us are the others favorite person, but we are tolerating each other.  I want away from him and this Bankruptcy BS as fast as possible.  It is the last step and I thought closing out the mortgage was difficult, that is starting to look like child’s play compared to this.  I hate interacting with him but kind of feel that right now I don’t have a choice.  Perhaps I am not patient enough but this isn’t something that I can afford to screw around with.  It has dire consequences and could easily turn into a hellish nightmare that would drive me to the edge, which is what I am trying to avoid here.  Nerves are just a little bit on edge. 

In animals news when I got home last night I saw the Adult Raccoons and her off spring playing in the concrete troff of water.  They looked so cute.  I fed the cats and they all looked at me like well aren’t you going to feed the outside animals.  I said nope but of course that bothered me.  So later in the evening I put out one can.  The adult came to eat.  None of the children were eating.  The adult looked at me and the nose was twitching – no sure if it was going to sneeze or just sampling the air. Just by the vibes I got last night I am wondering if something isn’t wrong with them.  I am keeping an eye out and if anything looks strange I will make yet another call that I don’t want to make.  Perhaps it the adult has allergies.  I mean the cat food was Fish flavored – they don’t normally eat fish.  By the time I was done with supper and checked on them they were all laying on top of each other trying to nap.  I thought it was odd they were laying out in the open.  Then again I haven’t seen baby raccoons before only adults.  Marvin still is fascinated by them but now at least he comes to bed when it’s time.  Not sure what got into him last night he wanted to play, which is odd and he started biting me similar to what his brother has done in the past but he quickly moved beyond that and turned from gentle to rough.  I had to yell at him and thankfully he didn’t do any damage.  Everyone is still doing okay.  Water is flowing, the food is never ending and there are plenty of spots to lay and windows to look out of, so no wonder they are all good. 

Sleep last night was like it never happened.  I woke up exhausted.  I was up a couple times during the night and it didn’t help that I was a little late to bed.  I kind of felt like I was getting my 2nd wind just as I climbed in bed.  The afternoon yesterday went from 0 to 60 and stayed that way.  I was late leaving, too many fires and not enough water.  There were a couple of late night emails but nothing woke me up.  The way it’s supposed to work is you send in an e-mail and a trouble ticket is created and it emails the appropriate team.  When my phone sees the ticket email it is set to make a special sound that will wake me.  Problem is no ticket was created for either email.  The first one had a FW or RE in it and those get caught in a filter and don’t auto create tickets.  The second one well I have no idea why it wasn’t working.  I drove in thinking that I would be yelled at and wasn’t so eager to get here.  However, thus far I have heard nothing.  One of the two was urgent, so I did feel bad but I didn’t do anything with either of them.  See why I am paranoid when I am on call.  My body is all keyed up when I leave because it’s like I am supposed to be on it 24 x 7 but hey everyone needs sleep.  I am not expected to be a baby sitter but in fact when you think about it is what I am.  We got an e-mail about the holiday weekend and it’s a reminder to everyone that we are closed.  Of course they put the on-call number in so it was like we are closed but be sure you call and bother these people if your stuck working.  Maybe I will luck out and everyone will call on Monday.  I can deal with that because as of 7a on Monday I am done.  I am so anxious for that time to get here so that life will return to normal. 

Today has been one of those zero to 60 mornings.  It was dead and then before I knew it I was rushing here and running there, doing this and answering an e-mail, then the phone would ring.  It was bedlam.  I managed and got everything taken care of.  Now I am in cruise mode for the afternoon.  My phone shift will be starting shortly and who knows how that will go.  Short of being quitting time it’s my favorite time because it’s just a count down until quitting time.  Hate the drive home but love to see the children when I walk in the door. 

Now on to food.  I had the BBQ last night.  The directions said to heat it on Medium power, well I hit the reheat button because it’s automatic and well I was reheating something that was already cooked.  I warped the lid so it can’t be re-used but the food was okay.  Oh my the Colby-Jack cheese went perfectly with the BBQ.  Wish I had some pickles and that would have made it better.  There are left overs.  I had 2 sandwiches and then ate a little straight with no bread.  I wrapped it up and will have it again on Thursday night.  At work this morning we had breakfast catered in, there was lots of fruit but also lots of unhealthy options like donuts, bagels, scones and pastry.  I had a little bit of the fruit and a whole lot of the unhealthy options.  It was really good.  Now I look forward to getting home and having my Beef Burrito Platter.  Then the day will be done!  Eating very well this week and very happy about it.  I hope that continues for a long time.

My friend texted me and her procedure yesterday went okay.  They took a tissue sample and now she waits for results.  I haven’t talked with her but she said everything looked normal.  I’m a bit confused as to why you would take a tissue sample if everything looked normal.  That just doesn’t make any sense to me.  I guess that is why I am not a medical doctor.  Hopefully she gets good news back and they can get her some relief, poor thing has suffered for a while from this, that and the other. 

Remember Sunday I went looking at new vehicles?  Well last night I got a junk mailer, I knew it was for a car and was going to throw it away.  I opened it and found that it was from the dealership I do business with.  They are making it very attractive to trade up, but of course it’s for a limited time only and ends at the end of the month.  I am thinking about it but something is telling me to wait.  I am really on the fence.  However, this is one of those things that if you move forward there is no turning back.  You can’t undo it, well technically you have 3 days and you can by US Federal Law.  Funny thing is each time they make me an offer on my car it keeps getting less and less.  We started at 15 thousand dollars 2 years ago and now we are down to 7 thousand dollars.  It’s still a cream puff of a car.  Any dealer would love to have it because it’s in top shape, low miles and they just apply a little polish here and there – maybe put on a new set of tires and presto you just turned it in to something that can be sold for much, much more.  That is how the used car market works.  As for the truck well it’s an eye sore and it would probably head off to the crusher.  I kind of hate to see that happen but at the same time I would really like to get rid of it.  Between the insurance and gas it’s just a pain.  I know a new vehicle is in my future I just can’t say when right now.  I bought my last car 5 years ago and it was in September so I got 1 model year newer.  That seems like the right time to buy, plus your in shape for the winter. 

Okay so I need to accomplish a few things and make that dreaded call.  Then it’s on to the phones I go.  Talk with you peeps later.  Hope that your Wednesday is going well.  

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