07 May 2015

Jack Daniels BBQ

So I had my BBQ last night and it was every bit as good as I anticipated.  I found the left over Wavy Lays Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips and they paired up nicely with it.  I stuck my hand in the bag, Ruth saw it move and got interested then when I moved the bag with my hand like it was going to come towards her she took off.  So I had a great meal and entertainment to boot. 

I stopped at Best Buy and got my replacement holster for my phone.  I then found out by going on-line that Mophie warranties their products for 1 year from date of purchase.  So I opened a case with them and since I had my receipt I sent a copy of it.  This morning I received a response back along with a shipping label.  Mail the old one back at their cost and they will send me a new one.  So I will always have a spare.  I am happy about that but just hope that this doesn’t turn into another Otter Box situation, where the same things happens over and over again.  I am trying to be mindful of taking my phone out of the holster and not putting it back until I am truly finished, this will help in extending the life of the holster or so I think. 

Watched my shows last night with the family.  I was smart about it.  I passed out food and treats.  Then after they were done eating, I talked myself into getting some ice cream.  I was able to eat in peace while the family slept.  Now that would have never happened if LB were on the scene.  He would be standing waiting for his turn and trying to take the container away from me.  While I enjoyed eating in peace it would have been nice to have a black fuzzy cat nagging at me.  Everyone still seems a little confused by LB’s absence even though he passed away at home. 

My lunch time staff meeting went okay.  The food was really good and more than I typically eat at lunch, so I am stuffed to the gills and ready for a nap.  It’s dead here this afternoon.  I could try to find the monitor I have been looking for but honestly being so full I really don’t feel like it.  The week has been busy overall, which is great for making time fly.  However, right now since there is a lull I am just enjoying it for what it is and hoping that I don’t get too bored.

So tonight I have to stop and pick up mail, hopefully nothing but good news waiting for me.  Yeah I found out yesterday all homosexuals are being sued in Nebraska.  A lady who is up there in years filed a written complaint to sue all Homosexuals aka Gays, because we are committing sin.  She is not happy that laws are being passed to ‘accommodate’ us.  I looked high and low but I was only able to find page 1 of her complaint.  I would be interested in reading the entire thing.  Of course it’s going to be thrown out because there is a separation of Church & State.  The suit is without merit and there isn’t anything a State Court can do that affects the lives of all gay people in the US.  It was however a nice try on her part.  In her opinion we are making a choice to chose to be gay.  After all we hide in the closet.  Yeah it’s a metaphor for keeping it confidential.  If we truly were in a closet who knows we might all be making out with each other.  I digress.   I get to pick up my Aveda order from the front porch and possibly need to stop for fuel.  I will be having left over BBQ, it just has to be better the 2nd day. 

Then it will be time to relax, unwind and then come back tomorrow and do it all over again.  My boss is on vacation next week.  I kind of wish I was too, but not a staycation but a real vacation if only for a couple days.  My brothers surgery is today.  I haven’t heard anything so I suspect all is going well.  Hopefully he comes out of it in better shape than when he went in.  He’s having a circulation problem in his legs corrected and getting his varicose veins fixed as well.  I think it’s a fairly common thing but you have no guarantee, each time you go under there is still a chance you won’t come back.  His girlfriend is adamant about getting him to quit smoking.  She said that at one point he was down to 3 per day, that is pretty good.  However, as soon as they told him he needed surgery he started up again.

This weekend I get to see my therapist and next weekend I get to see the dentist.  It will be two Saturdays of getting up early.  While I am kind of adverse to that I still have the option of taking an afternoon nap, so that kind of makes it all better.  Since my turn at being on-call is coming up I am keeping an eye on evening and weekend activity.  The weekdays seem to be smooth and no bothers, primarily because we have staff that is still in the office.  The weekend is busy as ever.  Some days have started at 7am.  That is a bit early for me but it’s work and very much apart of what I signed up for. 

Rain is in the forecast for the remainder of today through the weekend.  So high chance I will get to go grocery shopping in the rain, which is my least favorite thing to do, especially when it’s raining.  I mean it’s bad enough as it is.  I haven’t checked the 2nd lottery ticket so I guess I could be a winner but something tells me that I am not.  I mean my entire life from entering contest after contest I have won so very few times.  I mean this is like the one contest that everyone is trying to win and for a good reason they would be rich and able to do whatever they wanted. 

So there you have my Thursday.  Ready for Friday but kind of wish it was today.  The idea of coming back tomorrow never does sound appealing.  Everyone here always asks are you in for the rest of the week or will you be here tomorrow.  I always reply yeah unless they tell me otherwise.  So yeah in other words I will be here.  It beats the alterative but then again I have met very few people who actually enjoy working for a living.  Take care and I hope the sun is shining on you and in your life. 

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