29 May 2015

Fantastic Finally Friday

The bills are once again paid.  I was thinking about the whole Bankruptcy thing and decided to e-mail rather than place a 2nd call to the attorney.  Who knows if I will get a response.  I sent the e-mail message encrypted so that I get a receipt back saying that he at least read the message.  Thus far nothing but hopefully a receipt will trickle in soon.  He only has like 5 or 6 days to read it then it self destructs.  I’m notified either way, which is nifty.  If this fails then I will have to resort to either another phone call or a certified mail letter.  Speaking of which postage is increasing here in the US.  It only applies if you use electronic postage and we are going to use tenth’s, which is kind of silly they should just raise the price by a penny instead of part of a penny and be done with it.  Along with that other prices are changing like Certified Mail and there are also a bunch of new forms out.  I hope they don’t raise the price of my PO BOX, I think they get way too much now as it is. 
Speaking of the mail, I got my Homeowner’s Insurance last night wow!  It went up like $200 which is quite a shock to me.  It comes out of Escrow so I am not worried about getting it paid.  I am worried that my house payment may increase.  The other big event will be Property Tax and I am sure that what was estimated and what actually is are two very different numbers.  I suppose time will tell.
Finished off the BBQ last night, it was really good.  Bear is still eating like he is starved and he is back on his normal dose of the steroid.  Finally last night he quietly had a BM, so I am happy that alls well.  He is a source of constant worry for me and even though things seem fine, I still worry about him.  I don’t want him to suffer at all – he’s a brave boy and a fighter at that.  When the time comes I want to be there for him and hopefully the moon & stars align so that happens.
Yesterday afternoon volume picked up a bit so the latter half of my day went by a little quicker, which is always a good thing.  This morning I have had a couple of bursts of activity, then it dies down and start up again.  The guy that sits next to me is very sick – sinus problems.  He is sneezing, coughing and hacking all over the place.  He should be at home but has too much work to be done.  He came in like this yesterday.  I enjoy working with him but wish that he would take his germs and go home.  I don’t want to catch anything from him.  It sounds really bad and you can hear it in his voice that he is sick.  Feel bad for him – that type of illness should be reserved for the Winter and the rest of the year we should all be exempt.  Too bad it doesn’t work that way. 
Tomorrow is peepers check up time.  Not looking forward to having my eyes messed with but it’s necessary.  I have heard so many horror stories about Diabetes and eye problems.  I love my sugar but don’t want it to rob me of my eye sight or anything else for that matter.  I also need to get an order from my doctor to get blood work done.  It’s that time again and I won’t like that either – fasting and needles, two things I dislike.  Upkeep of this old body and life in general is a lot of work, but if you don’t do it then you pay for it in the end.  Better to keep things in check than let them run wild. 
The Massage lady found a ton of knots in my back yesterday.  It was like torture but I made it.  Last night was a difficult sleep night.  I had a nightmare where I had to kick a lady and promptly woke up with a Charlie Horse.  That hurt!  Then we had the changing of the cats.  Out with Insty and in with Marvin.  Then I had to listen to Marvin chatter until he got that out of his system.  We finally got comfy and headed into dreamland, then presto up again and 1 hour left to sleep.  Here I sit – I am amazed with nights like that on how I manage to make it the next day.
Well that’s all I know.  Hope that your weekend goes well and is very enjoyable.  I am looking forward to a nice long nap.  Outside of that no real plans or expectations for the weekend.  Talk with you all again soon!

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