14 May 2015


Last night I got a letter from the vet about LB saying that his remains were ready for pick up.  They composed the letter on the 7th, I was there on the 8th but they waited until the 11th to mail the letter.  While I have him because of my diligent effort I am very pissed about the delay. But for my actions his remains would still be sitting there.  I don’t understand why they can’t pick up the phone and press 7 digits it’s not that hard, plus chances are really great that when they called I wouldn’t have been home, so they would have just needed to leave a message.  I have written a letter but it needs to be toned down before I send it.  I am on the fence about if I should or shouldn’t.  I have a great amount of anger at that place, mostly because of what we went through with Bear and I think they are negligent and caused his injury.  How do you prove vet malpractice?  It’s got to be harder than Medical Malpractice for humans.  I am not interested in suing them and even if I was I am fairly certain the statue of limitations has expired.  Not trusting all of their staff is probably not a good thing for my kids, but they are the only 24/7 vet in town – they charge like it and they stand on a pedestal and preach it.  Yeah I should probably find another vet but because of my late partner I am sticking with them, unless they just piss me off beyond belief.  When you walk in you hear a sucking sound, that is the money being sucked out of your wallet. I’ve never let go of the anger and unless I send this letter I never will.  There are risks involved if I send the letter so right now I am stewing about it. 

I got the cable for my diabetes meter and it took me 45 minutes to get that setup.  Having some technical problems and the letter I got well it put me in Lewis Black mode.  I was just pissed at everything and everyone.  I did get it working and it’s kind of interesting, you can see a much bigger picture and even print out reports for your doctor.  Yeah I don’t know that I am printing anything out, that could cause commotion with my doctor and I don’t want that. 

Everything else is status quo at the moment.  Dealing with a slightly busy day here, but that is good.  Have a huge presentation to setup for this afternoon.  There is a little pressure there but I can’t do anything until I get the presentation, which I am sure will be in the 11th hour.  I have my massage this afternoon and hope that it goes well.  I had some sudden on set arm pain this morning on the way in, but it’s since resolved.  I felt odd but not in any pain.  Yeah I know it’s the sign of a heart attack but some would say I have no heart.  I’m dismissing it for now but if it comes back I will address it.  My arm is still a little red and there is one scratch that has caused some concern for me.  Until my skin calms down a bit I won’t know if it’s an issue.  My arms frequently turn red, especially when I am under pressure.  So once things calm down I will take a look and see if I need to worry or just keep an eye on it.  Nothing if overly inflamed and I am not in pain, but the itch phase should be kicking in shortly – that is part of the healing and not the fun part either. 

It’s been a busy afternoon.  I put the above part of the post together this morning.  Now we are about an hour and a half away from quitting time.  I am looking forward to getting home.  I need some relaxation.  Massage felt good but as usual she found the knots and worked them like a fiddle so I am sore.  She got me to the point of snoring, I heard myself but I wasn’t asleep – very close though.  I think if I book for 90 minutes she would have to wake me up.

Well back to the grind.  Talk with you peeps later.

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