01 March 2013


So I had a facility loose internet connectivity.  Turns out everyone said no one made any kind of changes but some fool hooked up a DLINK wireless router and that shut the whole facility down.  I had to find a local vendor to go out and pay them pretty well to discover this.  I wasn’t happy but I am happy that the problem is behind me.  It’s been two long days.  Plus my boss was jumping down my back about it.

I made it to the new doctors office and I was a half hour early.  The fucker was running late.  I had to answer medical history questions 3 times for 3 different people, despite having filled out all of their paperwork and coming in with my medical history and medications listed.  The doctor has no after hours exchange.  He passes out his cell phone number (which I didn’t get) he told me you just got to keep calling because I don’t do voice mail.  Then he sees my sleeping medication and tells me that he can only write a 30 days supply and that I would have to come in every month to see him.  I told him that I have to use a mail order pharmacy and they require a 90 day supply.  He didn’t want to put refills on it.  I got it, he is in this for the insurance money.  He of course told me that the DEA was looking hard at our area and controlled substances like sleeping pills are widely abused.  Yeah, okay but I told him I have been on the medication for 5 plus years and never had a physician balk like he did.  Then he told me that he wanted to see me every month for 2 months and then we would move out to 3 months. 

I just saw too many red flags and it started with no after hours exchange.  This guy is a pill doctor who need insurance money.  Problem is my insurance doesn’t pay for office visits.  So I am out what ever he charges.

I did leave with a prescrption for every medication that I take, but he didn’t put his phone number on the prescrption.  Now what doctor do you know that won’t list his phone number? 

So like I was saying too many red flags.  I’m dumping him as quick as I found him.  I’ve got an appointment with another doctor tomorrow morning, yup a Saturday.  It’s a female doctor, not too happy about that but she is with a reputable hospital like the guy I originally saw.  So I feel a bit better.  Plus she has Saturday hours, you don’t find that often.  I just hope she doesn’t charge a million dollars.

Okay so I am buried at work and before I drown I need to get back to it.  Talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

Wow, you have to go to such a lot of trouble just for your meds! I hope the female doctor works out better, and she has Saturday hours!

Good luck my friend!