10 March 2013

1 Hour Less

So it’s official now, we have 1 hour less in our lives.  That is unless you live in AZ.  I woke up 3 times this morning.  1st by Big Boy, 2nd by his Brother and 3rd by my bladder.  I got out of bed around 10:15.  Fed the kids, shaved, showered and my partner got going as well.  We ventured out a little after 11 and got a bite to eat.  Then went to the grocery store in the rain.  Spent way too much money.  We have our Corned Beef & Cabbage for next Sunday.  The house is going to smell.  If it’s fixed right I will eat Corned Beef as a sandwich, but it’s got to be moist, fresh and I have to be in the mood.  I gassed up the car.  Came home unloaded the groceries, continued laundry and watched a couple episodes of House of Cards.  I was tired and dozed off a couple times.  It’s getting good!

I left the house to mail some letters and stopped off to get us some ice cream.  Then back home.  More House of Cards and laundry.  Then I got the trash prepped to carry out tomorrow.  Fed the kids and here I am blogging away. 

We talked about taxes and it sounds like we are going to seek counsel from a tax preparer to find out about filing our state taxes.  I’ve got everything in an envelope in my room ready to go.  So not excited about this.

Now I am finding myself engrossed in House of Cards and I’m passing on all of my other TV shows.  My DVR is full to the brim and is starting to delete stuff because I haven’t watched it.  However, once I start something I like to see it through and this series is like a good book, I just don’t want to put it down.  Must finish!  At least I am getting benefit from my Netflix subscription.  Tonight I have to see Shameless, that is like a MUST for Sunday but I’m not sure that I will watch anything else but that and House of Cards. 

I was a bad boy and went on-line shopping at Amazon again.  Got to make the most of my prime membership.  It started innocently enough with a pro biotic for the cats and then I was buying soap, hair care, underwear and jeans.  I really need a pair of jeans.  Most of my jeans are 5 years or older and starting to sprout holes in all the wrong places.  Not something you want to be seen wearing to work.  At least I will be happy to open packages when they arrive.  Shy Girl will be happy about the pro biotic, she loves that stuff.  I found it on line cheaper than getting it from the vet, plus with Prime I get free shipping.  So it was a no brainer.  When I start digging around Amazon I usually wind up with a big shopping cart full of stuff.

I’ve made my way through the house setting all of the clocks that didn’t set themselves.  I haven’t taken care of my partners truck, but will tell him so he doesn’t freak out.  I know that would seriously mess with me come tomorrow morning if I got in the car and saw the wrong time.  Thankfully I can always look at one of my cell phones to find the correct time.  I’m dragging and by bedtime I will probably be fully awake.  That’s just my luck.

Oh yeah, if I didn’t mention it remember my Certified Letter to the crazy Dr. I saw a few weeks back?  Yeah, they haven’t signed for it yet.  I think they just tell the mail person skip it today.  That tells me that he is probably expecting legal action of some sort, I mean why would a Dr. shy away from signing for a letter?  So I mailed a copy of the letter by 1st class mail, it will be delivered on Monday.  Perhaps that will prompt them to claim the Certified Letter, since they will know it’s only a letter from me and not an attorney.  See this only reinforces me to believe that I made the right call.

I really want to write the crazy female doctor I saw as well, not by certified mail but I figure we had no follow up appointment scheduled.  She asked me to get some blood work done.  When the blood work doesn’t come, she doesn’t get my medical records, she will soon realize that I decided to move on.  Besides that she was only going to be at that place for another month anyway, so chances are pretty good that I will be lost in the shuffle or so I hope.

Never really though I would say this, but I sure miss my Debit Card.  Not that I have much money to spend but it would have made me feel better to pay cash for things like Gas, Ice Cream – you know little things.  I hope the new card arrives next week.

This past week I noticed a theme, it was chill.  I mean super relaxed.  I had moments of stress but for the most part over all speaking each day was pretty relaxed.  I sure hope that continues for the foreseeable future.  I would also really like it if the boss man left me alone.  I’ve got plenty to keep me busy.  One of the questions I was asked in a previous post is when am I due for a review and raise.  That would be in May.  I am sure it will not happen on time, everything there is late and well in sorts this would be a bill and I’ve told you they pay everything super late.  I hope it will happen by June but my gut says August.  Only time will tell.

So back to tending to the laundry, getting ready for Monday and TV time tonight. Sunday was a little better than Saturday and at least there was no arguments.  I just realized I forgot to take my evening pills, got to go do that.  Not sure why but lately my stomach has been all screwed up, I guess too much chill makes my stomach freak out.  I just hope it’s not the calm before the storm.

Here’s to having a great week, better traffic and quicker/faster moving days.  Talk with you peeps later!

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Jude said...

I saw House of Cards is on Canadian Netflix, I may have to check it out one of these days.

Good luck with the taxes and I hope your week is as chill as last!