11 March 2013

Wanting More

This morning the time change was quite a shock to my system.  I thought about my PTO bank and how I had to burn days.  I had my breakfast and then decided that I would take a day, today.  I called in sick, I just didn’t tell them I was sick of work.  I needed a holiday for me and this was nice. 

The partner called me about the time I should be leaving for work and I told him I wasn’t going.  We were held hostage by my Blackberry for the day, so no chance to get away.  I was quite busy for a stay at home Monday.  People getting fired, people quitting and new people starting.  That is what kept me busy all day long. 

I got word a while ago that we are having e-mail trouble.  Thankfully our e-mail is hosted so it’s not us but our provider.  Still it will cause me a good deal of grief if enough people figure it out, because everyone will spaz out.  My hands are tied and there is nothing I can do but wait.  I’ve passed along my cell phone number and am waiting for it to ring.  Hopefully within the next hour that will happen, so I can try to get a good nights rest and not worry about listening for a damn phone in the middle of the night.  Wow the Gods are smiling, I didn’t get a phone call but some test e-mail I sent just flowed through, so I presume we are fixed but I won’t announce that until I get the official word.

The good news is that I finished up House of Cards.  There are actually two versions.  I am watching the American version which is only available streaming through Netflix.  I sure hope they get Season 2 published it will be interesting to see how it turns out.  Sex, Murder, Control of the Media it’s just amazing what goes on in politics.  I am sure 1/2 of what I saw is only a small dot on what actually happens in politics and I’m happy to steer clear of it.

I saw a Nat Geo special about how they make regular SUV’s and Trucks Armored and safe for delegates, high profile business people, etc.  It was eye opening.  They even put in flashing lights and a siren, just enough to cause a distraction.  Hell if I had that I’d use it every day on the way to and from work.  Imagine what my commute time would be, that is until I got caught by the police and thrown in jail.  I really, really want an electronic air horn in my car.  The kind that comes from a siren.  I think it’s cool and it causes people to move.

My guy took another crack at making a chicken and again it was raw.  I told him you have to empty out the oven and then kick it up a little bit to give it time to cook.  It took an extra 1/2 hour and it was editable.  That was our lunch.

For supper we ventured out to Sonic.  A hamburger and a shake was my supper with a few tatter tots thrown in.  We got the mail.  Oh, the doctor that I sent the letter to, they called today and want me to call them back with why I was moving on and if I would consider seeing another doctor in their practice.  Yeah, uh you wouldn’t sign for a certified letter that speaks volumes that there are serious issues there.  I’m going my way and not looking back, nor do I plan on calling.  If they don’t see what is broken, then why should I waste my time and point out the obvious?  I mean wake up and smell the coffee.

I’ve been bombarded with e-mails from Amazon telling me that my order has shipped.  Wow, I get it already.  So I told my guy to keep an eye out for a package or two on Wednesday.

As for tomorrow I don’t want to go back.  Either way I will be pestered so might as well go in and see what I can accomplish.  I am no longer buried but I do have enough work to keep me busy, provided I do it. 

The evening is getting away from me and I think I want to enjoy some more TV before I call it a day.  So good night to you and I will talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

Canadian Netflix only has Season 1 too..... but I also see a House of Cards "trilogy" on there, it looks like a British version.

Glad you took the day off to recoup, hopefully the week will fly by for you now!