24 March 2013



I woke up this morning and we just had a small dusting.  My guy had been watching the news and said that if you hear thunder you are going to get dumped on.  As he is telling me this boom, boom.  Yep thunder.  We haven’t had many Thunder Snows here but they are kind of fun.

That was the turning point for us, we decided to get some clothes on and get moving.  We went out for a bite to eat at Cracker Barrel.  Then it was off to the grocery store.  I had to brush the snow off of my car so that we could get out of the parking lot.  The windows were covered.  This is a wet snow so it sticks to everything. 

We made it through the store and got home in one piece with out any problems.  I let my guy off in the driveway and then tried to pull in the garage.  I got stuck in my own driveway.  I had to back down and then floor it to get in the garage.  If it wasn’t for my cat like reflexes I would have hit his truck.  My poor car was all over the driveway. 

There were cancellations on the TV this morning for church.  I’ve never seen that happen, ever.  It would be smart to shovel the driveway some but I am not doing that.  It’s suppose to snow all night long and not quit until tomorrow morning.  I suspect that I will either be at home all day long OR I will work a short day.  Right now work is still on for Monday, but my hope is that they call it off.  Things look pretty crappy outside.  Besides that if they do call it off, then I may consider shoveling – just hopefully I don’t have a stroke in the process.  That is hard work and me and manual labor aren’t exactly best pals.

-Sexual thoughts….

What is post if I don’t talk about guys.  Well at Cracker Barrel there is the uber cute host, his body isn’t the best but I wouldn’t kick him out of bed.  I’ve been using my detective skills to try to find him on the web.  All I have is his first name and obviously where he works.  Damn, very tough.  After 2 hours I just gave up.  I figure that I have better things to do.  There is a guy at the grocery store that stocks produce, I have had my eye on him for a long time.  Today I hear where he lived.  I took his first name and that information – presto I found him.  The best part is there are shirtless pictures.  Oh, how I love that.  He is young but old enough to be legal.  I’m only dreaming, as much as I would like a younger guy or a cute guy I haven’t got the balls to try to approach someone.  Besides that I wouldn’t want to hurt my partner but he says as long as I share it wouldn’t bother him.  Yeah, not everyone is up for a way.

Considering that we are at the end of the month, I decided to up date the look of the blog.  I rather like the photo and background.  I found the photo by visiting one of my regular reads.  I hope you like the new look.  If not, stay tuned because it’s always changing.

I decided to vacuum the basement today, first time in about 2 months that has happened.  Needless to say I had to empty the canister multiple times.  I also changed the furnace filter.  The basement smells so much better now.

I also finished up laundry, still have to take that upstairs and empty the litter boxes (upstairs) but outside of that and making my lunch my work is done.

I got a bad surprise when we got back from the store.  I went to start laundry and came in to my office for a second.  Everything was powered off.  I thought it was strange last night that I didn’t see my PC show up on my TiVo but figured the machine needed to be rebooted.  Nope the UPS was off and so was everything connected to it.  I couldn’t get it to power back on.  I had to unplug it, remove the batteries, press the power button and then plug it back in.  It worked.  So I had to unplug it and put the batteries in then plug it back in and all is good.  Then I decided to see what it would do with my PC if we actually lost power.  So I unplugged it and watched it – everything worked like it was supposed to.  Great.  I plugged it back in and it didn’t see the AC Power.  It kept beeping.  I figured a quick bounce of the power to the whole house would fix it and I was right.  Too bad my partner lost a document in the process.  Now everything is back to normal again.  I have some doubts if this will fail again or if this was just a one time fluke.  I suppose time will tell.

Supper was Taco Bake it didn’t taste nearly as good as the first time.  That’s because the chef decided on his own recipe instead of buying the kit.  We have left overs.  It’s a little too spicy he used too much seasoning in the meat.  However, it was good.  The cats were begging for some so I gave it to them, they came back for more and then it was time to hit the water fountain.  I sware BLU and his buddy will eat anything.  I guess that comes from being outside. 

I did the dishes and I am getting ready to get that shower that I didn’t get last night.  I have had GI Upset from too much Diabetes medication.  But my sugar was really under control last night.  Too bad I forgot to take my sleeping medicine, otherwise it would have been a really great night.  Well I have to get moving and plan on going to work, even though I suspect it probably won’t happen. 

Here’s to a good week.  Be safe and stay warm.  I’m headed to the showers and then to watch guess what…. that’s right Shameless!  Talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

Sounds like you just got the same "spring" weather we did last week! Stay safe on the streets and shovelling.... it can be hard on a person especially when it is the wet and heavy snow.