21 March 2013

Damned if I do … Damned if I don’t

It’s been a busy Thursday here at the old salt mine.  I got two machines out, plus took care of several other things.  I put off working on the bosses machine because more critical stuff came in.  Of course I am 1/2 through working on his machine and he calls and needs it.  So I stopped.  Then he got mad at me because he said that the machine didn’t work the same and that I rearranged things.  He is Dilusional!  All I did was a simple repair of Office and then I opened Excel and tried to see how many documents I could open BEFORE I mad memory problems.  It’s all about duplicating the error.  He told me that I can’t rearrange things on his pc.  Okay so how the fuck am I suppose to fix anything?  Easy answer is your not, he just loves to toy with me. 

So if I try I catch hell and if I don’t do anything when he remembers or the problem comes back he is going to raise hell.  I hate being in that predicament but the fact that he won’t be in the office for the next 2 weeks is a relief.  I just dismissed his BS which is much easier to do if he isn’t here.  What a fucktard!

Tomorrow I will be cleaning my desk, it’s full of dust.  Right now I am sweating from physical work and just feel like I have done enough for one day.  So I’m sticking it to the man and taking the rest of the day off, even though I am still in the office.  Unless someone calls or emails I am done for the day. 

I had a couple of sneezes today and got scared that things were going to go back like they were earlier this week, but thankfully that hasn’t happened.  I will be trying the new shampoo again over the weekend to see if I have similar problems, if not then I am chalking it up to dust.  I suspect the shampoo because it’s new and I know already that I am allergic to Nexxus.  I love that stuff but my body won’t tollerate it.  I broke out in hives when I used it, it was very bad. 

I feel guilty for having so many hair care products.  I like a variety and I keep my hair short so it’s like most of it will last forever.  I have many shampoos and conditioners not so much in the way of styling products.  I am running out of room to keep it all and suspect that I should clean out the closet and throw some of it away.  That way I can make room for more new stuff! :-)

Last night I did it.  I filed my taxes.  It hurt very much but I am done.  Just have one return to mail off tomorrow and that is because I won’t have money in my account to cover the check until then.  I am glad to be done with it.  I didn’t get to give my credit card all of the money I wanted to but it’s still at 0% so there is no harm.  I took the card out of my wallet until it’s paid off.  The one I am carrying has a low limit and will be easy to pay in full when it comes due next month. 

On the way to work my partner called me and told me he fell again, he banged up his arm on the coffee table.  He was going to the grocery store today to get stuff for supper.  I would much rather go out for a pizza or stay at home and have tacos but no he wants steak tips.  Ick, I will eat them just because I really have no other choice. 

Okay I am wiped out time to chill a bit before the long drive home.  Talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

It sounds like no matter what you do/don't do your boss will never be pleased. I think he just likes to be crabby, it must make his day.

Hmmm now I will have to google "steak tips" and see what the heck that is, LOL

Enjoy your weekend my friend!