30 March 2013

Sleep with me

So my plans for Friday worked out great. I got my hairs cut, had a mediocre shampoo. The lady just didn’t know how to work her fingers. I came home and we went for pizza. I have 3 slices left over to remind me of the experience! We came home and hours went by, eventually I washed my guys’ hair and put in conditioner. I have never met anyone that had so much trouble getting shampoo out of his hair. He thinks he is rinsing it all out but he isn’t. Plus he needs to use conditioner because the shampoo he is using dries out the scalp; it’s more of a stripper. I’ve got a feeling that I will be washing his hair more often. As long as I am in the mood, it’s no problem. It’s one thing I can do that I know for sure he will enjoy and there won’t be any complaints. Yup, I give great head. You just had to know I was going to say that.

Before retiring for the evening he reminded me that we need to get his vehicle inspected tomorrow. Great, I thought for sure I would over sleep. However, we made it with plenty of time. This was the first time that I have seen a waiting line at the testing station. I also thought for sure he would fail but nope, he passed with flying colors. They go totally off the on-board computer, which is a change from years past.

After the testing, we grabbed breakfast. I ate like a pig but it was good. Then out for a little drive and then home. I crashed for a little bit. Woke up and a friend of mine called. We chatted and then he reminded me that the grocery stores are closed on Easter Sunday. Crap, we had to go to the store today. So after I got off the phone I told my guy and we dashed off to the store.

As we were headed over, he broke the news to me that we were invited to some friends for Easter. Great, not how I wanted to plan my day. Worst of all it’s not until late in the afternoon. That totally screws up everything. Hopefully we won’t stay too long, but honestly I don’t want to go at all.

We came home and I put the groceries away, then we dashed off to get a bite to eat. He wanted to go to Cracker Barrel and I didn’t fight him at all. I was hoping that the cute guy who is a host would be working. Sure enough, he was there. The food was just okay. Service was quick and our glasses were never empty for long.

Once we returned home I started on laundry and research. The research was to find the cute guys last name. I am getting closer but I am also starting to think he might not be on social networking. Right now it’s a challenge for me and if I ever get to solve it, I will feel so good.

I got a phone call from my guy who wanted to know if our Civil Union License was just like a marriage license. I said it affords us some of the rights that straight people have and it’s the closest thing that we can get right now to a marriage license. I guess he got to thinking about our vows and it just struck him that we were “married”. Duh, I’ve been saying it all along. He keeps talking about me leaving him and I always tell him I am not going anywhere, despite how crazy he drives my ass. I want to kill him sometimes but I love him and can’t imagine life without him. He has been with me for half of my life. At this point it would be like losing a limb.

So he is scared and he wants me to sleep with him tonight. He said that he needs me. Yeah, I don’t need to get peed on. I remember those days oh too well and I am glad they are gone. Expounding on that, when I was growing up I had a bed wetting problem. No doubt it was from the physical abuse. It continued until I was about 20 or 21, then magically it just went away. Now if I have to go, I wake up. I don’t always get up but typically if I ignore my bladder the urge just gets worse and eventually I have to get up. If his room wasn’t such a disaster, I would do what my grandmother used to do. Lay down and relax until I was sure he was passed out cold, then get up and go sleep in my own bed. I am worried about getting sick, plus getting no sleep since he likes to sleep with his machine off and snores like a freight train. Sleeping with him right now will be about as much fun as going to that stupid meal tomorrow. I want to relax and not have my life planned out for me by others.

The kids are all happy that I am home. Jumper and I had a pretty good night. He is such a snuggle bug at times. Everyone here wants a piece of me. Shy Girl begged me to pet her. I suspect there will be a full moon soon, either that or she is getting sick. Normally she is like drop the food on the floor fat boy and leave. I will take care of the rest. See that just proves that cats have staff, while dogs have owners. Still I love them all, even though they cost me so much money! As I type, they are wanting their evening snack. It started with a nice reminder from Momma. Then one of her daughters came down. Pretty soon I will see one or two more. They know what they want and when they want it. It’s just a matter of convincing me to give in, which normally is not a huge task at all.

Switching gears, I ordered my annual credit reports. I was shocked that my car loan was listed as a part of my bankruptcy on two reports. I have disputes filed to get that changed. I reaffirmed the debt, which means that I am legally responsible for it, so they should continue reporting to help me build my credit back. Speaking of cars, I got a mailer from the dealer. Go for a test drive and they will give me $20 off of any service I have done. If I buy a car they will give me an extra $500 and they are offering 0% financing for 60 months. Yeah, it’s a great time to buy a car. However, you have to qualify for that 0% and I doubt seriously that I would, given the bankruptcy. I do monitor my credit through Credit Karma and things are looking up for me. I just have to get the two credit cards I have paid off with a 0 balance each month, and then I will be doing really well. Paying them off should be a reality in one to two more months. The sooner, the better.

It’s been an entire week since I shaved, I like the look around Wednesday and Thursday. After that it just starts itching so bad and it’s time to cut it all off. I don’t think I will EVER have a beard because I can’t get past the itchy part. Besides that the hair on your face can hold allergens like dust, mold, etc. Which could explain those days when my nose flairs up. I am just getting lazy and I only do the minimum during the week. My get up and go, got up and went a long time ago.

Speaking of which, it’s probably time that I got up and went. I hope that you all have a very happy Easter and get to enjoy your weekend. Don’t eat too much ham. Be safe and I will talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

Wow sounds like you're really close to prettying up your credit rating, that's great!

I LOVE getting my head shampooed but it's been probably 40 years since anyone has done mine. I am good at shampooing people's heads. :)

I hope you enjoy your dinner with friends tonight and that it's not too long.

Happy Easter!