02 March 2013

All Quacked Up

So I woke up early and made it to the new doctor, again a 1/2 hour early.  That was a good thing because it gave me time to fill out paperwork.  That 1/2 hour passed by very quickly.

I was called in and the nurse did the normal weight, blood pressure and temperature.  I haven’t been feeling up to par the past few days.  She got a 101.5 reading and she took it a second time.  Then she got 99.8 and said that was better.  Yeah, I figured I was getting sick, so while I was waiting for the doctor to come in, I made a call to my Allergist and told him my symptoms and he called something in for me.

The doctor comes in, she is a Chinese woman.  She yelled at me for coming in on a Saturday because they are reserved for emergencies only.  She told me I was the 5th new patient of the day and today was again for emergencies.  Yeah, well the hospital referred me to you.  She said oh, they did a good job there but shouldn’t have scheduled you for a Saturday.  I said oh, that was your staff that did that.  Then she tells me that she is leaving this practice in about a month but that I could see the other doctor there.  Yeah, uh I’m looking for a new physician and not wanting to hop around.

Then she is interrupted because a patient needs to go to the hospital.  Ok.  Then she comes back in about 5 minutes and picks up where she left off, only to be interrupted again.  Then she tells me how unprofessional that is.  Bitch, I didn’t interrupt you!

Okay so she is looking at my med list and then tells me that I probably have something called Serotonin Syndrome and that people die from that.  Yeah, uh okay.  Then she balks at my sleeping medicine.  Then she told me that I was on too much medication and most of it is wrong and that we need to add stuff for my Diabetes.  She wants me to get blood work and said that she would call a 1 month supply of all of my medicine in to my local pharmacy.  I need to get my medical records transferred and I need to see a Physiatrist. 

So basically I am dying and crazy.  Yeah, this one didn’t work out either.  I’m never going back!  She is the crazy one.  She a flip her noodle.  :)

As I’ve mentioned to you before I have to pay out of pocket for all of my office visits.  The first office visit to establish yourself as a patient at all doctors is typically billed at a higher rate.  I have no idea how much I have racked up in charges from the past two visits but I am stopping and cutting my losses now.

I think it’s far better to stay with the Dr. I have and see if he will work with me on the sleeping medication or if he won’t look on line to see if I can get it elsewhere w/o a prescription.  I know that can be dangerous but it kind of all depends on who your buying it from.

The hysterical thing about all of this is the Chinese woman called in every prescription except the sleeping medicine that I need.   I wasn’t happy when I found that out but what could I do?  I told the hot guy at the pharmacy the medicine that I needed and he said it wasn’t there.  I took what my allergist called in for me and that was it.  At least I got to see a hot guy, I mean damn I deserve something for all of the frustration that I have been through.

I am happy that I didn’t fire off a letter to my present physician telling him to go screw himself.  I kept my temper and for once it paid off.  I’m still not happy with him but until I get the bills for these visits and can put that behind me I am just calling it quits.  At some point in the future I will try my luck at this again and hopefully the results will be much better.

Thankfully I have a good allergist who has Saturday hours, so if push comes to shove I can see him in a pinch and plus once you have gone in for a visit, he will do most things for you over the phone.  Like calling in a prescription or two.  That’s really nice and they work damn fast, which is unheard of.  My doc drags his feet.

The Serotonin Syndrome I spoke of before is a result of me taking Wellbutrin and Effexor, both of which are antidepressants.  I have been on them since 2001 when my partner was diagnosed with cancer.  It was pretty much thought that he was going to die, but no doctor would tell me that.  I heard things like it doesn’t look good but we will do our best.  Okay, so he survived even though I didn’t expect him to make it off the table.  I had what was called Reactionary Depression.  Depression runs in my family and I just went to my PCP at the time and said hey I need something to deal with this.  These are both powerful drugs and if you just stop taking them you will get very sick.  I know because I was warned and didn’t listen.  The dosages had to be adjusted.  Too much Effexor and I became impotent and that wasn’t good.  About 6 months after being on this therapy I developed tremors, where I couldn’t hold my hands still.  They just shake uncontrollably and it was embarrassing to say the least.  Not to mention it doesn’t look real good when you get pulled over.   So I was put on a low dose of Blood Pressure Medicine.  The dosage of that has been increased and I think the only thing it’s working on is my blood pressure.  I still get tremors from time to time.  However, unless I want to go see a Neurologist there really isn’t much my present PCP will do about it.  So I have learned to just live with it. 

The quack I saw today said that it was uncommon to prescribe these two medications together and that she could loose her license if she prescribed them for me.  Funny thing is she called in a 1 month supply of each of them.  Come on, I did my research and turns out this is a very common combination of drugs for depression. 

Just because a person has a little depression is no reason to throw them in the nut farm or send them to see a shrink.  The medication that I am on might not be common but it’s worked for me for years and since it isn’t broken I see no reason to fix it.  As for the Diabetes treatment I think I probably need to move on to another drug but we will see how things turn out after my next blood draw, when ever that is.  I’m not pushing it because it will cost me.

The moral of the story is a good doctor is hard to find.  I had a good doctor but I became a burden to him so I cussed him out when I was trying to get some medication for a sinus infection that I had been dealing with for over a month.  He gave me medicine and then terminated me as a patient.  So I found the guy that I Have now and you know the rest.  I really wish I would have been a bit calmer but I was pissed off, felt like crap and just went off because I was always told the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  Lord help me!

I think my current course of action in keeping the doc that I have is probably best for now.  I never thought a good doctor would be so hard to find.  Doctors are a dime a dozen like Attorneys but the good ones are rare finds. 

Talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

Damn that's too bad she turned out to be the way she is, and you ended up having to pay for the visit anyway. (I still have a hard time wrapping my head around that, being a Canadian!)

You're right, best to stick with who you have now, for the moment at least. And I hope it all works out in the end for you my friend!