13 March 2013

Wednesday’s Almost Toast

So as you can tell it’s close to quitting time, actually like 45 minutes away but closer than we were this morning. 

What a day.  I’ve been all over the place and feel worn out.  The biggest pain today was Blackberry.  One of the bosses got a new device and I had to add email accounts to it.  Had to call Blackberry which took a while but they finally got me squared away.

I was shocked this morning when I looked at my phone.  There was a text message about one girl taking her bosses job, it was something that clearly wasn’t meant to be sent to me.  I hate all of the office politics.  I mentioned it innocently to another co-worker and the next thing you know I was being talked to because she couldn’t keep her mouth shut.  Yeah, trust no one, say nothing to no one and then you have nothing to worry about. 

I’m venting here and don’t mean to offend but have you heard of the three forms of communication?  Telegraph, Telephone and Tell a woman. 

A fire here, a fire there a fire everywhere.  I went to lunch late.  I took my food out and by the time I went to eat it the soda was warm and so was my cold sandwich.  Ew, but I ate it.  More like scarfed it down along with a bag of chips.  Saved my yogurt and grapes for tomorrow.

Fish Wedges are for supper.  We are out of Ketchup and I don’t think we have Tarter Sauce.  I know Carrots will be fixed but I’m not sure what else.  The Mr. talked about Mashed Potatoes but we use instant and I have grown tired of them.  Even the Betty Crocker good stuff tastes like dirt now.

I enjoyed Tosh.O last night and I watched an old Lewis Black in concert, until he lulled me to sleep and then I turned the TV off.  No jumper last night, he was mad at me because I gave him his medicine.  Silly boy.  His brother was my alarm clock.  I was actually up at 3 and then I think at 5 and every few minutes there after. 

My body still has yet to adjust to the time change.  I am hopeful that a little extra sleep this weekend will take care of that, but I am not holding my breath. 

Speaking of which I am expecting a call so I am going to close this out and prepare for that.  Not exactly sure what tonight has in store for me but hopefully it includes R&R.  Thank goodness tomorrow is Thursday, 1 more day after that.  Wow – what a week.  Talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

When I was growing up our family went camping every summer, and we always had instant mashed potatoes... I HATE them now LOL! Real potatoes are cheap to buy and taste much better.

Just one more day after today and you're into the weekend! Have a restful one!