16 March 2013


I wasn’t going to go for pie but decided very late in the day to give it a go.  It took up the whole evening and it started to rain as we were leaving.  So the weather didn’t help and it seemed like forever to get up there and back but it was a good trip.  Should have done it during day light hours instead of night time, I would have enjoyed it much more.

Gave my partner the best head job I could.  Yep, that’s right I washed his hair.  What can I say when you give good head, guys just want you!  :-)  He enjoyed it and I like the way my hands smell.  I used Paul Mitchell White Ginger Shampoo & Conditioner.  Oh, that stuff smells so good.

We brought home a Cherry Galette which I am sure will be delicious.  Outside of that it was rest and be lazy for most of the day.  I am swinging in to high gear now that night has fallen.  Laundry is going and I am getting ready to clean this place up.  If only I could click my heals and snap my fingers, then open my eyes and magically all of my work would be done, that would be awesome! If I could do that every week that would be good but all I am asking for is one time. Of course I would probably have a heart attack from the excitement.

This is claw trimming weekend for Shy Girl.  I tell her days in advance and then a couple times on the weekend.  I was going to do it today but just got too lazy.  It’s far too late to wind her up so I will wait until tomorrow.  Reprieve is what I am calling it, sounds so much better than I am lazy. Anyway, I am sure she will be happier for it.  Her temper has been coming back lately and  when she is mad you see the red in her mouth.  She doesn’t but it’s almost as if she is trying to spit blood at you, she get so angry.  Thank God for Welding Gloves!

I’ve decided to take advice from one of the doctors I saw and rather than taking my Diabetes medication (2 pills) every other day, I will be taking 1 pill each day.  I want to see first of all if my gut will be able to take it and second of all to see if it helps regulate the pain in my feet.  They have been killing me lately.   I switch shoes and get some relief that way but by the end of the day they are swollen and hurt.

My debit card arrived.  I tried to activate it today and was told that I put in the wrong PIN.  Well, the bank didn’t tell me they were going to change my PIN number so I had to make a last minute mad dash to the closest branch to get that fixed.  It took 5 minutes and I was in business.  I activated the card by using the ATM and then swiped it later at a restaurant and then for gas.  So the card works.  I also enrolled in MasterCard’s SecureCode, which will further protect me against on-line fraud and on-line purchases that I didn’t authorize.  It just a little more piece of mind.  I think if someone really wants to use your cards they will find a way or a merchant that will take them.  Where there is a will there is always a way. 

I ordered a pair of new Jeans, I made the same mistake as I did last time I ordered the length two inches longer than it needed to be.  So now that pair will drag the ground a little.  Some day maybe I will learn my correct size.  The underwear that I got fits and is comfortable but it’s not made for my waist size, I should have gone a size larger.  Again, maybe some day I will learn. 

Well off to start my cleaning spree, then time for more relaxation and some sleep.  Last night I got a hot shower and gave myself a facial, which only happens on a very rare occasion.  That shower and facial work better than any sleeping pill.  When I am done I melt like butter.

I hope that your having a great weekend.  Talk with you peeps later. 

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Jude said...

I just can't buy clothing unless I try it on first.... I'd always end up with stuff that doesn't fit right, LOL

I'm glad you got your pie! Who doesn't want pie?! My favourites are pumpkin, lemon meringue, coconut cream, and my MOST favourite is rhubarb!

Have a good Sunday and good luck trimming those claws!