06 March 2013


So I got my medicine last night.  I didn’t see the cute guy worker that I like.  We have one of those walk in clinics and there was a guy (looked to be a teenager) with his mom.  He was still fine looking.  The thoughts of what I could have done with him in the exam room.  Oh, the horror!

Today I accomplished a lot at work.  I’m starting to feel like I can breathe again.  I just hate having a task where you have to work with multiple people.  Everyone has a different schedule and you think you will be done in a day but it can easily take two or three days. 

I’ve got a lady at a facility that has a rats nets for wiring.  There is no talking with her on the phone to figure it out.  So I am sending a local contractor out to look at it and fix it.  I just don’t get it.  A simple issue and if you concentrate and follow my instructions we could probably work it out.  However, she wants to talk to everyone else but me and can’t follow instructions to save her life.  File her under PITA or Pain In The Ass and I don’t mean in a good way either. 

I found out that I busted my ass to make something happen because I was asked to.  While I did all the work some other bitch took full credit for it.  Not much I can do about it but suck it up.  These people around here are ruthless. 

We ate at the local bar last night, it was good food but noisy.  We got there in plenty of time to grab up one of the last tables.  I told some people they could have our table if they would pay our bill, we would happily leave right away.  Strangely enough I had no takers. 

It was too cold to stop for mail, so I just went to the pharmacy and then home.  I listen to Lance Bass on Sirius XM Out Q 108 on the way home.  His show Dirty Pop is on.  Every time he says Dirty Pop it makes me so horny.  Not sure why.  I looked him up on-line and yeah, he’s fine. 

I’ve been able to relax at home for the past two nights, which is a good thing.  I hope that we can keep this up for a while longer.  My head has stopped itching so much, I think it was the hat I wear.  It was just time to wash it.

Those Antibiotics that I got over the weekend, I decided to put them on a shelf for when I needed them.  I felt like crap this morning.  It was like my body was telling me that I was getting sick.  I got so busy at work I forgot about it.  Now that I am bored and ready to go my nose has started running.  I’m debating about breaking them out and taking them.

Tonight’s supper is left over Meatloaf.  Oh boy there is a meal I wish I could replace.  Mexican, Italian or Chinese anything but left over meatloaf.  The good news is tomorrow night I am having frozen pizza.  At least there is something to look forward to. 

I got so sleepy last night I dozed off in the middle of Tosh.O, which never happens.  I’ve got a huge crush on Daniel Tosh, just wish he would confirm his sexuality.  I suppose it’s all about keeping people guessing. 

No guessing for me, I’m going home now.  Talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

I love leftover meatloaf sliced cold on a bun..... YUM! Same with leftover cold home-made burgers... *drool* Add a little mustard and lettuce and bite into it. :-)

I hope you're not coming down with something, feel better!