26 March 2013

Here we go again…

The cats woke me up this morning because they wanted out of my room.  I let them out.  I was fully aware that I had about 20 minutes more to sleep and that my bladder was really full.  So after laying in bed, I decided to call it quits and get up.

Ambulance1I was in the bathroom when I heard my partner yell the Ambulance is on the way.  I figured he was having another bad dream.  I went in to see what was a matter and he just started yelling at me for not coming in.  He was yelling for 20 minutes.  Well, I was sleeping and your at the back of the house I am at the front of the house.  I have an allergy machine running to create a white noise effect, how exactly do you think I will hear you?  Then he said you have been up stirring around the house for a while.  I said nope, I just got up.  I had to throw on a shirt, open the front door and feed the cats. 

He really did call an Ambulance.  What’s the problem, he couldn’t stop peeing.  He has a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and for that he wanted them to cart him off to the hospital.  They told him you will just get a prescription and they will send you home.  He wanted them to keep him and the paramedics told him they give you a script and you hit the street.  Then your friend has to figure out how to get you up the icy driveway and back into the house.  We have enough man power here that we can get you to the ambulance.  Do you still want to go?  Yeah he looks at me and says what do you think?  I said you have wasted enough money and time, let these people go so they can take care of someone who really needs them.  With that they left.

FML !  Why me.  I know because I married an old guy.  Okay, so I wanted them to take him away and they didn’t.  I wanted to go to work and I didn’t.  I stayed home, told work that I had to take care of a sick friend.  Which was the truth, except he’s not a friend he’s my guy.  Crab ass but he is still mine.  If I could have found someone to pay $1 I would have sold his ass today. 

He is and always will be a lousy patient.  I called that pharmacy but they were closed.  They did have a prescription waiting for him but I couldn’t get it for a couple hours.  So I decided to go back to sleep.  He never got out of bed so he was trying to rest.  I woke up about 10 and went to get his medicine as well as something to eat.  Came back home and woke him up.  He ate and took his medicine.  Life was good.

Then he got this idea about getting out of bed.  Okay so I got him up.  The bed was soaked.  Part of it was sweat and the rest of it yup you guessed it urine.  Another crappy job for me. 

I just washed them the night before because of the same thing.  Two days in a row.  Really.

Enough of the day had went by and I asked him what do you want to do for supper.  He suggested that I have left overs.  I said how about Taco Night at the Bar.  I could get take out.  Yeah, that sounds great.  So I went to snag the mail and picked up our order.  We had supper early … close to 4pm.  While I was out I got my car washed.  It’s been a couple months and the roads are dry.  The driveway has once again cleaned it's self.  Got to love that. 

Then I got the trash ready to take out.  The trash people are a day behind because of the weather.  Not a surprise.  I came back inside for the day.  I’ve been helping him up and down, emptying urine all day long and doing laundry. 

Thankfully I got a couple breaks, work actually interrupted me only twice today.  Normally when I am home it’s non-stop.  I guess Passover and the boss being out helped me.  I will bet when I am on vacation next month, it’s non-stop pester all week long. 

I have plans to take a shower, relax with the kids and watch TV.  Some Ice Cream working into the picture sounds really good as well. 

Back up to last night.  When I got home we went out to eat at a local Italian place.  It took forever to get him in the car.  We got there and were almost done, when the urge hit and he didn’t make it to the bathroom in time.  We had to leave.  It took forever again to get him in the car and out of the car.  Thankfully by some miracle nothing inside my car was soaked in urine. 

I said all of that to say this.  Getting old sucks but what is worse is watching someone you love and care about suffer and slowly fall apart.  One of his feet is like a magnet, he just can’t get it off the ground.  His mobility right now isn’t the best.  Then for the kicker I found out he didn’t take any medicine yesterday at all.  No wonder he had so many problems.  When I asked him why he didn’t take anything yesterday he said to stop yelling at him.  Wow, I am starting to see why I was given the advice to never, ever hitch your wagon to an older man. 

I am only 41 and I have experienced so many things that people my age shouldn’t experience until they are older.  Plus tack on a stroke, cancer and a serious car accident.  I see movies on TV where young gay guys are having fun.  I see other people my age and younger, having fun and able to smile all the time.  When all I can do is sit back and watch.  Kind of depressing. 

I’d like to have more friends, eat better food and have some fun.  Sex would be great too but I’d be happy with fun.  I don’t want to leave my guy and I won’t.  However, he is like an anchor pulling me down.  I am trying to stay a float but not exactly doing a good job. 

He and I have had the “splitting up conversation” many times in the past and he is honestly surprised that I am sticking with him.  I have proven my love to him, time and time again.  He is grateful.  I am happy that I have been able to make him happy.  I feel like instead of my real age being 41 that I am more like 65.  The question is if he lives to be 100 how old will I feel then?  I need him so much and can’t imagine life without him.  I just wish that things could be a little different.  Specifically a little better mobility and have him pain free.  Younger and thinner would be nice too but I am willing to settle for minor progress.  Getting this bladder and balance issues under control would be nice too. 

Like the song says “I am ready for the times to get better”.  Hopefully, they will. 

562218_10100472687467574_622033633_nSo I see on Social Networking we (gays and those that support gay marriage) were supposed to change our profile pictures to this red = sign.  Very interesting the number of people that actually followed through.  Sorry I didn’t get the memo from headquarters.  I did hear that I am only one more recruit away from a free toaster.  Yes that was a joke. 

This is quite a week here in the US.  A full week of arguments on why the Supreme Court should legalize same sex marriage.  While the opinion won’t be out until June, you can bet that this issue won’t go away anytime soon. 

Lewis Black said to the effect that Gay Marriage won’t be resolved in our lifetime.  It will be the one argument that lives on and on.  Sort of like abortion.  Everyone has an opinion about everything.  You might say I am prejudice but I think same sex marriage isn’t a big deal.  It’s simple you have two people that love each other, let them marry and call it a day.

What are the ill effects of two same sex people in a committed relationship getting married.  None that I can think of.  It’s just like a traditional hetro marriage today.  They will laugh, have fun, enjoy meals, take trips, get sick, get angry, go to the bathroom and do everything as a “normal – hetro-sexual” couple would.  They won’t make any babies, they might adopt or have no kids at all.  The truth is that it’s just a piece of paper that grants some additional legal rights, tax breaks, etc.  America the land of the free, the home of the brave.  Liberty & Justice for all.  What’s the argument?  Grant the rights…we deserve it because we are no less a human because of our sexual preference.  Stay tuned to this summer to hear what the Court has to say.

Life going back to normal, hopefully.  So I will wrap this up.  Do some surfing, take up his laundry & make his bed.  Then snack time for the kids and get ready for tomorrow, what I hope is a much more normal day.  Tosh.O is on tonight, so that’s something to look forward to.  The other thing to look forward to is my super fast machine at work is 1/2 way done.  Hopefully, I can get it done and move in to it tomorrow.  That would be awesome!

Have a good night and I will talk with you peeps later.



Jude said...

It makes me feel so sad knowing how difficult things are for your hubby, and thus, for you. Is there any way that you could be the one to GIVE him his meds daily?

Don't even get me started on same sex marriage, and gay rights!! I see no difference, there IS no difference and love is love!

Jeremy Ryan said...

Thanks Jude! He takes so much medicine that I would have to be here all day long. He is responsible enough to take his medicine, he just gets lazy or forgets. I am always asking him about it and he always says yeah I've taken it. I have to stay on him. Putting medicine out is a huge task for him but he wants to keep doing it. I think it's so he will have something to complain about. I just wish I could turn back time to get him some energy back, youth would be nice too but at this point energy and strength are what he needs most. :-)

Jude said...

I agree, it would be a blessed miracle to give him back at least that much. I'm sorry it's so hard for you both, and I hope it improves!