05 March 2013


Monday was a work day, I got a lot accomplished but I left with so much weight on my shoulders.  I was thinking about tomorrow but that soon cleared up.  I had dinner, took out the trash, got ready for today and watched a movie via Amazon.  It was called Eating Out – The Open Weekend.  It was a gay movie about a guy seeing his ex-boyfriend.  The ex was in a new relationship and his new boyfriend convinced him for the weekend to try their relationship as open.  Wow they were in gay man heaven.  Like all of the other Eating Out movies it was a hit.  There was plenty of simulated sex and it was hot for what it was.

I began my day early this morning being woken up by Jumper and then a few hours later by his brother.  No sleep for me.  I so didn’t want to get moving this morning, but I did.

Shy girl was sick last night, she threw up blood.  Hubby wanted to panic and rush her to the vet.  I said your just going to get her worked up and spend money you don’t need to.  Let’s wait until tomorrow and if she isn’t eating and still throwing up, we can go to the vet.  Sure enough this morning, I put some Forti-Flora on her food, she saw me and did her happy dance.  She loves that stuff.  She chowed down.  I called at lunch time and she was eating lunch.  No problems.  You just have to know your cat and how to re-act.  If you jump every time there is an issue you will soon find yourself with no money and a pissed off cat. 

Today I got finished with two machines.  One was new and the other was used and very, very old.  I played around with LoJack for Laptops today.  I installed it on a new machine.  Then went on-line and told it to lock the machine.  I made the machine make a test call to speed up the process.  It was slow but it did exactly what it said it would do.  The machine instantly became a paperweight.  I even powered off and powered back on, still the same result.  You think it’s going to start windows but soon your surprised with the locked out message.  Okay so I was ready to give it to the new owner and had to unlock it.  I didn’t realize it would take another 15 minutes before the machine would unlock it’s self.  Wow.  That just told me only use that feature if you have to.  You can also remote wipe the machine.  You can uninstall part of the software but the agent, which is the critical piece can not be uninstalled w/o your consent.  I put this on all new laptops just in case we ever have a problem.  If I didn’t and something happened it would probably be my job.

Speaking of which I talked about Vacation time or time off in my last post.  No matter where I go I have to have my phone.  If I am in an area where there is no cell service, at least once a day I would have to make it to a place where there was cell phone service.  It’s like the mob, there is just no escaping this place.  One of the people I work with goes on purpose to a place every year with their family and there is no cell phone service.  They were told to make it to a place where there is coverage at least once per day.  That’s a serious drive each day for them but they do it.  I want to get on a boat for a cruise and accidentally on purpose drop my phone in the ocean.  Oh, shit I guess I will have peace and quiet after all.  Fuckers!

So I am spending the last hour of my day blogging away.  It’s my way to relax and pay myself back for a hard days work.  I’ve got plenty more ahead of me tomorrow.  Which is a good thing.  Just staying on top of everything is a job in it’s self.  You can easily loose track when you have a million things going at once.  I am also pleased as punch that I get to throw away some of the boxes in my office.  I have plenty of equipment to work on for my spare time, it’s not urgent.  I have a feeling that equipment will be around for a while.  Because there is no such thing as spare time. 

I just called my guy and we are going to try Taco Tuesday at the bar again.  We went last week but they were packed, no where to sit.  So I am having him meet me there and hopefully we will be able to get a seat and have a couple tacos.  It beats left over meatloaf which is what will be for supper on Wednesday. 

Oh the best part, I got a call from my doc today.  He called in my medicine and is mailing me a script for the mail order pharmacy.  Thank you Jesus!  $11 and I should be able to sleep at night.  I hope the cute guy is working tonight.  I will be headed there after the bar and post office. 

Folks are starting to wrap things up here, so I guess I will join them.  Below are a couple photos I found on the web yesterday.  Get a load of the elevator with a shuffle button.  That would be a fun ride if you didn’t have a particular destination in mind. 

Talk with you peeps later.


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Jude said...

Shuffle button on an elevator, yep now that would be fun!

Wow that really sucks about being always on call even on vacation. Seriously, really?? I believe you, but it's so wrong.

Yay on getting your meds finally!