03 March 2013


So here we are in March, where does the time go?  As you can see I made changes to the site.  Props to you if you can tell me the guys name in the header.  I already know who he is, because I’ve had a crush on him ever since I saw him.  I’ve never seen him nude but wanted to.  What I am really dying for is a picture of his bum, so if you have one I’d love to have it, just saying!

In preparing the letter to tell the 1st doctor that I was moving on, I managed to get a paper cut.  I call it a Government Issue Paper Cut because it was on the green card that I put on the back of the letter.  It’s not that type of Green Card.  It’s a receipt for Certified Mail, so the recipient signs and dates it, then it’s mailed back to you.  So you have proof your letter was delivered.  This thing itches and burns at the same time.  I go crazy.  Normally a little antibiotic ointment and a bandage and I’m as good as new, but that hasn’t worked so far.  I will try it again tonight so hopefully it works.

The other thing that has started in the past couple days is my head itches.  I’m not talking like a little bit or an occasional scratch.  This is full blow itching all over and it happens at random.  I’ve tried shampooing twice to strip my hair but that hasn’t worked.  Tomorrow it will be back to Tea Tree and I will try a scalp treatment.  Hopefully this goes away soon.  The last thing I need is to see another doctor (i.e. dermatologist). 

So I figured out that I will be able to pay off one credit card in a few days when pay day hits.  The bad news is that I haven’t done my taxes, so there will be more money lost and soon it will be time to pay Lawn Boy.  I’ve decided no matter what that I am paying myself a minimum of $50 from each check.  I have to start somewhere and this seems like a logical first step. 

I had to buy Cat Litter yesterday and today we went out to Outback Steakhouse.  So I am already running up a new tab, but hopefully when those charges come in next month I will be able to pay them off.  That is the only way to use a credit card, unless you have 0% interest.  Which at the moment I do but that will soon wear off and I don’t want to be caught by surprise.  As that will be an expensive lesson.

This morning we both woke up around the same time.  I was feeling a little frisky and had plenty of energy.  We had breakfast.  Then we had some fun together.  Pretty soon we both passed out and it was tough to get up and get going.  However, come noon I said we needed to move.  So we did. 

I had plenty to do but most of that is done.  I still have to make my lunch, put away my laundry, clip my nails, brush my teeth and figure out what I am wearing tomorrow.  Oh and the most important thing get ready for the morning, which means getting out some cat food.  Otherwise it’s a huge hassle. 

The best part of Sunday is Shameless is on.  I noticed that the series was recently added to Netflix, so if you are curious you can go watch.  Once you start you will be hooked.  It’s a great show in my opinion.  Can’t wait to see Ian – love him. 

I have applied for a few jobs, just to see if I can get any nibbles.  I figure if it is meant to be, it will happen.  I like my job but since I never can tell what my boss is thinking I have to keep my options open.  There are perks to this job that I like.  There are also plenty of things that I don’t like.  If I don’t look out for me, who will?  I mean this shouldn’t cause any harm.  It’s not like I will be talking about it to anyone at work. 

Those people (at work) are beneath me.  I’m not saying that because I feel superior to them but they are what I would call white trash.  I wouldn’t see myself associating with the majority of them outside of work.  You can’t trust anyone.  They all talk about everyone behind their back.  If they want you gone, they collaborate on how to set you up, so it’s like a master plan.  Management well there isn’t any real managers, they are all just figure heads.  They only care about their wallets and not the good of the company or how their decisions will affect others.  Long story short it takes care of my bills but it’s not the ideal job for me.  I would much rather leave on my own accord than get thrown out.  I don’t suspect that I will get fired anytime soon, but then again I don’t know that for certain.

Speaking of work, I will be facing a problem that I haven’t had before.  That is vacation time accrued but I haven’t used it.  They won’t let you carry over any time so it all has to be used by your anniversary.  I believe I have something like 3 weeks left.  I have to check on that.  They also won’t pay you for the time.  So I will have to schedule time off.  The problem is that it won’t be time off, it will be time to work from home.  Now that sucks.  I need a job where I have an off switch and am not on call 24 x 7.  A job where I can say hey I’m on vacation and no one bothers you.  Instead of having to work like a dog being beaten.  That’s one of the many reason why I pray for enough snow to come our way to shut things down for at least a day or two.  I don’t think I will be getting my wish, but then again it didn’t cost me anything.

Okay I have sensed that I am just droning on, so I will bring this post to a close.  It is going to be a busy week, I am buried and the thought of going into all that work doesn’t exactly excite me, but it’s what I am getting paid for.  I mention the work just in case circumstances don’t allow me to post for a few days.  I know when I get home all I really want to do is eat and watch TV.  Let’s hope that this is a week where I get to leave on time, if not early each day and get plenty of time to relax. 

Have a good week and I will talk with you peeps later!

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Jude said...

Oh man, I get on average a good papercut at work each week.... and they hurt! LOL

I hope the Tea Tree helps with the itchy scalp. If not, find some Witch Hazel! We used that for scalp problems waaaaaay back when I was a beautician. :-)

I can't imagine being bugged by work when on vacation time, that sucks!! What if you tell them you are going to be 'away', like travelling somewhere? Would they still bug you?

I hope your week is a good one!