15 March 2013

I need a drink

Yesterday I took the opportunity to work on my bosses machine to help solve his problem.  I think the biggest reason why he was having problems is because he saves every email he ever received.  System Administrator sends automated messages telling you that your e-mail mailbox is close to being over the limit, he has a folder saving each message like this that he received from the time the company started.  Holy shit, no wonder your having problems.  Fucktard, delete email you no longer need and you wouldn’t have any problems.

Okay so I followed Microsoft’s lead on this and applied all of the latest Windows Updates, Archived Mail, Disabled some add ins and made sure that his AV was up to date.  This took me 1/2 of the morning to accomplish only because I had to manually archive his mail, they do everything here the hard way.

I tell him about what I did, thinking it will please him.  Wrong he was upset that I touched his machine.  The Windows Updates changed some internet settings so there was a problem with banking last night.  I was here and caught it but nevertheless he got wind of it and I caught hell about that today.

Then he has more problems today with documents not opening and not being able to rename documents, so of course that is all my fault.  I was told that this can’t happen.  Well get over it, because it did happen.  He was really in a pissy mood.  While I was concerned he was having problems, his approach was what I took offense to.  However, I just laughed internally and went to examine his machine.

I rebooted it and tested it as much as I could.  Guess what it didn’t act up at all for me.  I think he was having a bad day and decided to take it out on me.  So all is back to normal or so I think.  I will be interested to know if banking tonight will be an issue.  I should know that in about an hour or so. 

We are having a mass exodus today, 3 people quit and I have to stay late to turn off all of their access.  Shouldn’t take too long and yes I am starting early.  Who stays until 5 on their last day?  Not me.  Not anyone I have ever seen.

Last night I decided to get my hair cut.  I mentioned to the lady that was taking care of that job that I unknowingly purchased hair color.  I asked her if she wanted it.  She gave me $5 off my hair cut plus 1/2 of a product that I wanted, which sells for $14.95 so I think I got the $20 back I paid for the color or close to it at least.  Everyone is happy.  Plus there was a very short wait.  I was talking too much so I didn’t get to enjoy my shampoo but that’s the way it goes. 

We went to Applebee’s last night.  Saw a couple hunks of beef I wanted and yes they were employees.  Picture this if you will a twink, some muscle and nice butt.  Ah, delicious.  I kept my order to food only.  :-(

Me partner is supposed to schedule an appointment with the state to talk about our taxes.  That won’t cost us a penny and they can provide guidance on how to complete this silly process.  Then next year we will know what needs to be done, provided they don’t change things.  Ugh!  I will be so happy when this process is over with.  I know I will have to pay but it looks like the Civil Union will save me $100 in what I have to shell out.  If that is the case, then maybe there is some good in this whole process.  :-)

Tonight we are having Old El Paso Taco Bake.  First time for us.  I hope it turns out well.  It sounds really good.  We shall see.  Tomorrow we are going out – I’ve got 2 coupons for two different places and hopefully we wind up at one of those places. 

After the crappy two days I have had I want to leave early but since I have to turn access off and there is the potential for problems w/ mr. grouchy’s computer I am staying when all I really want to do is leave.  That doesn’t mean I have to actually work though.  However, I am catching up where I can.  What I can put off until Monday will wait until then. 

My goals for this weekend are to get some much needed rest and relaxation.  Of course there is the usual laundry, cleaning and visit to the grocery store.  Outside of that I just want to veg.  I am itching to go for a drive for some PIE but I will probably put that off.  Well back to monkey business for me.  You all have a great weekend and I will talk with you peeps later. 

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Jude said...

Yep your boss sounds like that grumpy cat all over Facebook, LOL!

I hope the Old El Paso Taco bake was good, and you SHOULD go out for pie! Who wouldn't want pie? :-)

Have a relaxing weekend my friend!