19 March 2013

Allergic to Work

I am working on a machine and when it’s powered on my nose goes crazy.  Apparently there must be massive amounts of dust in this thing.  When it’s off I am fine.  Too bad I can’t say I’m allergic to work, mail my check and I will be working from home. 

Boss man is having Excel problems again.  I thought I fixed him before but apparently not.  I have done some more research on-line for suggestions.  However, I believe the true fix is to tell him you have to close Excel before you open another Excel document, because you have too much stuff open.  Microsoft Programs in general are memory hogs.  Having a 32 bit system doesn’t help things but I do actually understand his logic.  It’s a new computer I should be able to do what I want to.  Right but if you get a new bag that can only hold 5 pounds and you try to put 10 pounds in it, do you think it will hold?

I am glad that I will have plenty of time to fix this but he really wants me to work on it when he leaves, which I am happy to do.  No sense in working under pressure.  He found a workaround, which I told him about last time.  Close Excel then open the new document, presto it works. 

Why do the Computer Gods choose to pick on him?  I mean things like this should happen to other people I can reason with them but not him.  Plus most other people have more patients and understanding.  The strangest things occur and they always seem to happen to him.  Makes no sense to me. 

I got the official word today from the state, you can file single.  It’s an easier process but it will cost me $100 more.  Apparently if we file joint I get a $100 discount on what I owe.  However, I’d rather keep taxes separate so I will cough up the extra money.  Instead of putting money towards my credit card balance I will apply it to taxes.  Like I said yesterday there is always someone with their hand out for my money. 

Last night I had a good time.  I was thinking about a particular scene from a Porn Movie.  I watched this scene and wow it was a few intense moments for me.  The stars name that I like so much is Chris Porter, just in case you were wondering.  Also I found my local Walgreens Guy put up a shirtless photo. Two good moments.  I thought for sure I was dreaming when I saw him.  Yes, he is just as fine as I imagined. Too bad he didn’t post anything more revealing. 

Okay so tonight’s supper will be Taco Tuesday at the local Bar.  I am torn between Taco’s and BBQ not sure which one I want, maybe a little of each, just like last time.  Can’t wait to hear Lance Bass’ voice say Dirty Pop not only does it turn me on, but it also means I will be in my car and out of here.

Today wasn’t a bad day per say but I could have done without the one interaction with the boss man, then it would have been a pretty quiet day.  Counting down the days until he leaves.  Is that a bad thing? 

I setup a new MIFI connection for him yesterday and I slept with my phone by my bed, because he loves to work at strange hours of the night.  Thankfully he didn’t call so I presume that means everything worked like it should.  It’s a pretty neat system the device it’s self is very iPhone like with a touch screen and scrolling motion.  Too bad I don’t have one of those, but it’s okay I’ve got connectivity and that is all that matters. 

I don’t remember who it was but did you hear about the UFC fighter that told the world he never has paid any income tax.  Damn he must have gotten one too many blows to the head.  If that were true for me (and it’s not) I would have never disclosed it to anyone.  He is looking at some serious jail time not to mention the attention he will be getting from the federal government. 

See the whole thing about secrets is that people have to tell someone.  I totally get that.  However, as soon as you say something it’s really no longer a secret.  It’s like a former “friend” used to tell me what is the only way 2 people can keep a secret?  The answer if one of them is dead!

Then there is the whole rape trail in Stubenville, Ohio.  A place I never ever heard of.  Apparently though lots of rapes happen there.  Having a presence on social media and allowing others to take and post photos is what helped convict the two boys.  I understand the desire to have sex, especially at a young age.  I mean you want to know what it will feel like.  However if someone says no or they are drunk then it’s not a good idea to move forward. 

I’m telling you it’s 2013 but it’s like no one realizes it.  People just don’t use good common sense anymore.  Why is that missing from society today?  I mean if people used it more often there would be so many less problems in the world and I think we would all be happier.  However, stupid is terminal and there is no fix or cure for it.  Not now, not ever!

With that in mind I am going to prepare to leave and get me some food and hear Dirty Pop.  Talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

Why does all the weird stuff happen on your boss's computer? Must be like Murphy's Law..... and I can understand why you can't wait for him to leave. ;-)

Every time you talk about your taxes I think "Geez I have to get mine done!" I guess this weekend I'd better do it. LOL

Have a good Hump Day!