09 March 2013

Taxes = Anger

As you can probably gather, we worked on our taxes today.  Our Civil Union has caused us a small nightmare in taxes.  We use Turbo Tax.  They want you to create a fake joint Federal Return, which you DO NOT file.  This is so that we can file our State return.  You file a Single Return for Federal since Civil Unions aren’t recognized by the Federal Government.  This whole thing started an argument not only between us but at the system.  It’s just a confusing mess.  I said if I would have known this would happen I wouldn’t have gone through with the Civil Union.  However, it’s water under the bridge now.

The next surprise came when I figured out why Turbo Tax was so cheap this year.  Basically I paid for software that you can get on-line for free.  However, it didn’t include the states, as it normally does.  So I had to purchase 2 of them at $42.49 each.  DAMN. 

Then we still have the dilemma of what to file and what I actually owe.  I get a very small refund from the feds but have to pay my state plus the state I work in a small fortune.  I wish we would just do away with taxes they are such a pain in the ass.

We are probably going to have to seek counsel from a Tax Professional, which means spending even more money.  Why do simple things have to be so complicated?  If the Feds would just allow gay marriage all of this bullshit would go away.  However, it’s just another way they can screw us.  For all I know there is probably some extra tax for people in a Civil Union or at least I am sure more paperwork.  Which if you pay a tax pro by the page can get expensive. 

Right now the best thing we both can do, is walk away from it.  Let it rest and then we can come back and visit it with clearer minds.  I still feel like I am treated like a 2nd class citizen by our government. 

Last night we went to Captain D’s for supper.  It was pretty good.  Plus this nice fresh farm boy walked in.  Measurements 34 waist and 34 leg.  Wearing a 569 pair of Levi’s.  Too bad it’s wasn’t 269 because I would have asked him if he wanted to.  My partner didn’t really like him but I thought he was fine.  It was a good meal indeed.

Then I started watching House of Cards on Netflix.  Damn that is one addictive series.  I’ve got a couple others that I want to get into, but 1 at a time.  This is all about how corrupt Washington is and it is very well written.  Not sure how much of what I see is true and how much is pure BS but it makes for interesting TV.  I didn’t want to go to bed, but eventually I just gave up.

Not much was accomplished today.  I’m going to start laundry, dishes and try to clean up a little bit before I go to bed.  Because we loose a whole hour tonight.  I hate Spring forward but it will mean more daylight driving, which I like – saves the headlights.  Plus spring will bring way to the rain, a fresh new summer and more money for Lawn Boy.  Yup most everything is about money.

I so need a vacation from everything – home, work and life in general.  However, that will never happen.  So I will just find a way to make the best of it. 

I did figure out a cool thing with my iPhone.  If you have one look at Settings – General – Accessibility – go to the Hearing section at the bottom.  Turn on LED Flash for Alerts.  Then go back to the home screen.  Hit the power button to turn your screen off.  Then either send yourself an e-mail message or call your phone.  You will notice that your flash blinks when you get anything that generates an alert – which would be a phone call, text, etc.  I think it’s cool.  If you can’t hear then it can be especially helpful.  I turned it on for my partner and hope that it helps him out a lot.

I got my long term prescription for my sleeping pills in the mail.  I also got some additional medicines that I have been asking for a while.  Mailing off the prescription on Monday and it will take about 2 to 3 weeks before it shows up.  Wow, so much red tape for a silly piece of paper. 

Except for supper the other night and the iPhone tip, this is a pretty depressing post.  I think I should get with the program and start chores.  Plus I really need a shave.  Haven’t had one since last Sunday and man I’ve got a beard going.  You can see white or grey on my face and I really don’t like that.  I see it in my hair as well but it’s more subtle there.  Hopefully my color doesn’t turn on me.  I don’t want to be a white/grey haired person no matter what my age.  Besides that I’m told I am still very young.  :)

Hope your prepared for time change and that your weekend is going better than mine.  Take care and I will talk with you peeps later.

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Jude said...

Taxes are a PAIN IN THE ASS! I have to sit down and get mine done too.

I guess if your head hair starts turning and you don't like it, you could easily do a home dye job. Loreal used to have the best home kits.

I hope your Sunday is more relaxing, and I agree DST sucks!