27 February 2013


I’m chalking yesterday up to being a “bad day”.  I was all kinds of busy and going in 7 different directions at once.  It felt like I accomplished nothing.  Things calmed down a lot towards 3 and then close to most peoples quitting time 4:30 I got an e-mail from a supervisor asking me to disable access for one of the guys.  I was in shock, hurt and beside myself.  This came totally out of left field.  I re-read the e-mail just to make sure I understood.  Then like a Tiger waiting for it’s prey I pounced.  The whole time I wanted to cry but kept my game face on.  I got done with everything and then I just wanted to find someone to talk to.  I called my friend upstairs, no not God but a friend that just got a job in the same building I work in.  No answer.  Probably a good thing because if she would have answered the phone I would have lost it.  That would not have been pretty.

This is the guy that I had a crush on, which is why I took it so hard.  I was thinking just the other day that I should get a picture of him and his fine asset, but it was a fleeting thought.  The nosy in me kicked in and I wanted to know what happened.  I sent him an e-mail straight away but he didn’t answer.  It wasn’t until several hours later that I realized back when I was looking for work I blocked all mail from yahoo so even if he did respond I would have never gotten it.  I took the block off, sent another message and told him that I would be calling him. 

Just as we started talking, I got a text message from work.  They wanted to break in to a persons IM account to look at history but they don’t want them to know about it.  I told them they were pretty well SOL.  So I was talking and texting, I missed part of what he was saying but you could tell that he had been crying.  Turns out that he was asked to do a job that he wasn’t hired for.  It’s something he did on occasion to fill in when there was coverage issues, like someone on vacation or out sick.  Apparently he had enough of it so he issued an ultimatum either give me a pay raise or fire me.  Dumb ass, never ever issue an ultimatum unless you are prepared for the worst because that is always what the person will choose.  So they fired him.  Guess what I would have too.  You just can’t do something like that and not expect to be terminated. 

I got a hold of my upstairs friend at home and was telling her about it.  She was pretty surprised.  Then I told her they were gunning for the other guy in the office.  I heard he made the BIG mistake of telling them they were running part of the business all wrong.  Yeah, he might be fresh out of college but if you tell these people that I work for that they are screwing up, they will find a reason to fire you.  They don’t want to admit their way might be wrong or that there might be a better way of doing things.  So, events have unfolded for him and he is slowly on his way out the door.  Kind of sad because he is a good guy.  I personally don’t care for him but to work with him is no problem at all.  We get along.  I only had one time where he was putting the blame on me in jest and I blew up because of some stupid prank he pulled and it caused me to have to work overtime.  I wasn’t happy. 

In case you have deduced the people I work for are crazy.  The part that really set me off was my boss was in his office after they fired mister hot pants yesterday and he was laughing about it.  He loves to cause others pain and misery – that is what gets him off. 

I had a hard time sleeping last night thinking about everything that happened but I managed to get out of bed and go in today.  I am so low on the sleep department, tonight should be a no brainer.

So I put my noggin to work and researched the IM thing.  I found a program that was free that could help me, plus with my networking skills I was able to get what they were looking for.  No one is the wiser.  I contacted the person who told me they needed to break in and the response I got back was we are no longer interested, we don’t want to invade someone's privacy.  Huh?  WTF?  Okay so I put my time and energy into it for nothing.  Like I had nothing better to do.  I’ve only got a back log that will keep me busy for the foreseeable future and I’m crunching deadlines.  Just a little ticked but I am glad they decided not to pursue it.  At work you should not have the expectation of privacy because you are there to do a job on behalf of your employer.  The only private place should be an office or the bathroom – outside of that everything is fair game.  What you do on your computer, where you surf to, the phone calls you make and receive as well as voice mail messages.  Big Brother is alive and just assume he is always watching and you won’t go wrong. 

I made it through the day and am actually blogging from home, how about that!  I have an entire evening to myself.  Tomorrow night not so much.  I’ve got to go to the new doctor after work.  I sure hope he doesn’t want to do a physical because I am not in the mood for that plus that will cost me serious money.  My goal is just to get established as a patient, get some prescriptions and be on my way.  I have to come out to him and I don’t foresee a problem but if there is one, I’d rather know about it up front so I can pick a new doc.  Coming out is a continual and life long process because you have to do it over and over.  Sort of like blowing your nose or going to the bathroom.  Your doctor is the one person that should know even if no one else does.  Because they can be conscious and screen for different diseases on a proactive basis rather than having to be reactive.  Especially if you are sexually active.

Okay so what to do with my evening.  Going to go pack my lunch, pass out snacks to the kids, get ready for bed and plop in front of the TV where I will probably fall asleep.  I need to get running before time gets away from me. 

A friend of mine shared a video clip with me that I think you will enjoy.  I like the Bear, that is just so funny. 

Enjoy and I will talk with you peeps later!

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Jude said...

Loved the video, very entertaining thanks! :-)

That's too bad the guy lost his job, but I have to agree with you that he asked for it really.

Good luck at the doc's, I wouldn't be surprised if he needs to do a physical if he's to take you on as a new patient.

Hope your weekend rocks!