18 March 2013


So today hasn’t been so bad for the 1st half.  Let’s hope that the 2nd half goes equally as well.  Boss man is in a good mood, hopefully he stays that way.  I’ve had a couple interactions with him and they went pretty well.  You just can never tell when he will explode.  If I am correct after this week it will be 2 weeks before I see him again.  Compliments of Passover.  Nice!

I got an e-mail today from the cable company that my statement was ready, normally I get two of them.  Turns out since I made changes last month they decided to combine the accounts.  They still have the wrong phone number on the account.  The bill is ungodly high because of the partial monthly charges, since the changes I made were in the middle of the billing period.  Next month they should level out.  I wish they would have sent two statements, one for cable and one for internet.  I really like the separate bill.  However, it was a small chore to get them to cooperate.  We had it setup that way since my employer was paying the bill.  It was simple and easy but it’s one less item I will have to put in bill pay. 

Seem there is no shortage of people with their hands out for my money.  I work hard and then in just a few simple minutes all of my money is gone.  I guess that is the American dream but it’s sure not my dream.  Sounds more like a nightmare. 

At least I am saving money from each check.  My partner wasn’t able to get through to the state about our taxes.  He is going to the doctor today so I suppose he will try tomorrow.  He wants an appointment, I told him just drive down it’s not like they will turn you away.

So supper tonight will be Corn Dogs.  Quick, easy and no clean up, unless you count throwing away paper plates.  It might not be healthy but it will be quick and easy.  Then I have to get the trash out and finally I can relax. 

Also washing a feather pillow is not a good idea.  It smells funny now and it’s still a little wet inside.  I have a feeling sooner rather than later I will be getting a new pillow.  Maybe I will get the next one off of Amazon.  I’m sure they sell them, I mean they have most everything. 

Well back to work, so I can make some more money to give away to people I really don’t want to pay in the first place.  :)  Talk with you peeps later.

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