25 March 2013

Ghost Town

I arrived at work early and I was the only one here.  Since then two girls have shown up and a supervisor is on the way in.  Most of the office won’t be in today because of the weather.  I think this would have been a perfect day to stay home.  Right now I have plans to leave early but time will tell as to how early that will be.

There is really nothing going on for me.  My plate is empty but I am not telling anyone that.  So all the more reason to go home.

I never shoveled the driveway, just backed right out without any problem.  Roads are in good shape and really there is no reason other than being lazy or fear that people aren’t here.

I have been up since 5 am couldn’t sleep.  My stomach is driving me crazy and that won’t stop probably until tomorrow.  I have to skip a day of medicine before things calm down and I already took my dose for this morning.  So looks like I will be busy running to the bathroom.

I did see a good movie last night called Nate & Margaret it’s on NetFlix.  Give it a watch if you have the service, totally worth your time.  Nate is a young gay guy and Margaret is an older woman who lives next door to him.  I saw part of it last night and finished up this morning.  After that I wish I could just dive into another movie but I had to put on some clothes and head to work.

Don’t tell anyone but I didn’t take a shower this morning.  Since I had one last night I figured why bother.  I will get one tomorrow morning. 

Today has to be a good day, I got to pet Shy Girl.  She was sitting on the couch and let me come right up to her and touch her.  Those are precious moments to me and they are short lived.  I wish I had more of them.  She is a bitch at times but I still love her. 

Well the machine dilemma here at work.  The new machine I got in is faster than my bosses old machine.  Guess what I’m taking the new machine.  I’ve already cracked the box, so I guess I should unload it and get it ready for me to move into.  It’s a Quad Core i5 running Windows 7 –64 bit.  It shipped with 6GB of Memory  and I will be adding to that.  Should make for one sweet machine.  I think by the time it’s over with I will wish that I could take it home with me.  My bosses old machine is a dual core i-3 processor with 4gb of ram. Not exactly a turtle.

So it’s about 9 am here and I guess I should get started with my monkey business.  Now if I could just get a free lunch and be home by 2pm it would be an awesome day.  Talk with you peeps later.

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