02 August 2015

One Month from Today

L&G in one month from today I will be another year older.  Wow, where does the time go?  A year used to be so long and the older I get the shorter the time frame becomes. 

Saturday at work was not much fun at all.  It wasn’t quiet because there was construction and the workers made plenty of noise.  Instead of getting 4 machines we had 6 each.  I decided to start early w/o telling anyone and turns out some of the scripts hadn’t completed running so I had one machine that I had to put on the back burner.  I was out of there by 2:20p which isn’t all that bad but still it was not a fun ride.

I made it to Maggiano’s and had my Lasagna and took in some Spumoni for desert.  Jumped into traffic and made a call to get a hair cut.  They had an appointment for me but it was a couple hours away.  I made it through traffic and stopped by the post office.  Then came home and fed the children and killed time.  I left and got all of my hairs cut.  It helped that I had a $5 coupon.  I really like the place I go to because they cater to guys but they don’t know how to shampoo worth a fuck.  The shampoo is the best part of the entire experience and I don’t want some girly light touch, I am a guy and I can take it.  Give it to me!  The only way I get it is doing the job myself, that isn’t much fun but it does feel good.  The shampoo part is the only thing that I miss about the place that I used to go to. 

Friday night I tried Spinach SoufflĂ© it was one of the most horrible things I have eaten.  I like Spinach and I like eggs but don’t mix them together.  I made an attempt at it but it just didn’t make it.  Wound up eating cookies for supper.  Cookie Monster would have been happy!

I wanted to take in a movie specifically the New Vacation movie but I was just too tired and decided to call it quits.  I came home and spent the night with the children.  Watched Rookie Blue via Hulu.  There litterally is nothing on and it takes me a very long time to find something I am interested in seeing – I have a ton of TV channels, Hulu, Netflix and Amazon, so there is variety but very little appeals to me.  I guess I must be the odd man out.  Nothing new there!  I did get in a very small nap.

Bear has made urine so that little scare is over with.  I am sure it won’t be the last one.  It’s just nice to exhale and not have any problems.  It’s like I don’t know what to do with myself. 

Speaking of problems, I called my mom.  She has been calling me leaving me a message, I call her back and I leave her a message.  She will wait an entire week and then we go through the same routine all over again.  So last night I called and she finally answered.  Nothing new – she is still talking about moving and going to a nursing home.  Telling me how my brother leaves her all alone and won’t give her anytime.  Well your not sucking me into that mess.  It’s drama city and far too much drama for me after the long 2 year and 3 month ride I have been on.  Go away!

Now on to today.  I slept in a little bit went out for breakfast.  Hit up the grocery store.  I got an entire weeks worth of groceries for $8, plus a free case of Water.  Not a bad deal at all.  It was thanks to 2 rebate cards I got.  One was $60 and the other was $20.  I wanted to spent at least part of one of them on porn but decided it would be better to spend it on food and that way I wouldn’t have to keep track of a balance.  It was awesome!  I also managed to get a gift card for one of the cute guys at work that helps me out.  I know he is straight and married but I can’t help it that I find him attractive.  He’s helped me out a lot and I just want to show my appreciation.  I am not looking for anything in return but I know that he will think more of me and it never hurts to have someone like you.  Plus it will help take the sting out of the next favor I ask for.  Hit up the pet food store, went to use the super coupon I had and couldn’t because I didn’t spend enough.  I gave it to the people who were behind me and they gave me a coupon for $1 off – a little here, a little there.  Right now my funds are short because I paid cash for the tires out of my paycheck instead of robbing savings.  So I am really feeling the noose tighten.  I will make it one way or another, I just prefer to do it w/o touching savings if at all possible.  I’ve got this week and next week then I will have another paycheck and should have more money left over. 

I was able to do all of my running, gassed up the car and came home.  Been home full time since 10:30 and it feels great.  I got a nap in and now my allergies are going nuts.  Fighting on what I want for supper.  It’s frozen pizza, so nothing special. 

The children want all of my time and it’s like I have no time to myself.  Gator is chirping at me now, she wants me to go upstairs and turn off the ac because she is cold.  Then I suppose she would love it if I cracked open yet another can of food and we sat and watched TV.  That’s not what I want to do.  She will of course con me into it.  I need to head up to take care of the trash anyway, I hate that task.  I am thinking I will skip vacuuming because I am so wiped out.  Working 6 days a week really wears on a person.   My brother does it and I honestly don’t see how.

So my next adventure will be on-call and that will happen at the end of the month.  I’ve already hit up the friend I’d like to catch up with and am waiting for a response on when or if we will be getting together.  I think that since I have made it very obvious lately on FB that I am gay that might scare him off or at least make him apprehensive.  Then again I didn’t think he would be receptive to the idea in the first place.  Time will tell.

Now is the time where I put a fork in this post, go tend to laundry and give in to Gator because she is tap dancing on my last nerve.  She started up when I wanted to go to sleep.  She was walking all over me and couldn’t get comfortable, then she settled down.  I woke up and got off the couch and went to bed, she followed and kept telling me it was time to get up.  I told her that she was going to get hit with a pillow if she didn’t shut up.  Silence it was like magic.  I drifted off for a little bit then she started up again.  So I got up and gave her what she wanted – lunch.  That little girl is such a huge pain in the ass but I love her so much.  There is always someone here getting on my nerves but I love them all and they know it. 

Happy August, we only have 4 more months and this year will be toast.  See what I mean about time going by faster and faster. 

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