31 August 2015

Call no more

So happy that Monday is here.  I got calls last night up until 10:30p.  Then it was all quiet until around 4:30a when one of my co-workers emailed to say he wasn’t coming in.  Then another one emailed later in the morning.  I slept okay but I think I pinched a nerve.  When I walk it feels like there is a vibrator stuck in my foot.  Very strange.  It doesn’t hurt just annoying. 

My boss changed up the shift schedule.  My hours didn’t change just what I do and when changed.  Now I will be on the phones in the morning and then have my afternoons free to do runner or project work.  That will probably work out good since most of the meetings I setup for are in the afternoon. 

Powered on the laptop finally.  I had plenty of programs that wanted to apply updates.  Not a bad thing.  However, with Windows 10 it seems that Microsoft is pushing more and more updates.  I hope they eventually slow down, it seems like it’s every other day or at least once a week since the release. 

Apple has a big event next week.  The rumor is they are going to talk about Apple TV and introduce new iPhones which is typically done this time of year.  What might stop people from upgrading is the cost.  A lot of carriers in the US are no longer subsidizing the cost of the phone so if you want it, you buy it for full price or go on a plan where you make monthly payments towards the cost of the phone.  If you go on a plan to make monthly payments you will wind up paying more for the phone than if you just parted with cash.  As for me I will still try to get a 2 year contract and pay a subsidized price.  I am told that option is still available through AT&T but you have to call and it depends upon how long you have been a customer.  Yeah I’ve been there since day 1 so they shouldn’t have any issues with taking care of me.  I don’t have plans to upgrade considering I just did it last year.  I stay 1 model behind because it’s cheaper that way.  Plus by the time you add on accessories the cost of a phone gets pretty expensive, it’s more than a desktop computer.  Kind of crazy. 

Last night I watched a documentary on HBO on Demand about Greg Louganis and the ups and downs of his career.  When he was younger he sure was a looker.  Age hasn’t done him an injustice but he doesn’t look youthful, at least to me.  It sounded like things were going to end on a sad note but they didn’t.  He’s married now and from the way the documentary talked he is very happy. 

That’s all of the news I have right now.  I am really tired and looking forward to heading home but there are like 4 1/2 more hours until that happens.  So now I am going to get ready for lunch.  Got me a tasty sandwich and I can watch some TV and Youtube.  Not a bad way to spend lunch.  Take care and happy Monday. 

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