07 August 2015

Week from hell

All sorts of crazy problems coming across my desk plus lots of interaction with the boss this week.  I am spent emotionally and mentally.  I’ve only spent a brief amount of time in front of my pc at home – mostly to check mail and do some quick surfing.  Then it’s been upstairs to watch TV and spend time with the furry family. 

I am eager for 2 days of rest and very much looking forward to it.  So much that I am ready to say I am ill and go home.  I’m not doing that just yet but if things get too crazy for me I will call it a day quickly.  I would rather have the sense of accomplishment that comes from not giving up, even though I want to.

I had to send a follow up message to bug my friend into meeting up.  It worked but now I can’t get him to confirm what I suggested.  I hate it when people don’t respond.  I know that everyone has a life but if your going to make plans with someone, at least have the common sense  to follow up and confirm.  I am still doubtful that we will actually meet up.  He also said that any place that was close to my house would be fine.  Why exactly is that?  Did you plan on coming back to my house and have me fuck your brains out?  That’s what I am starting to think.  Like I am playing with fire and this was a HUGE mistake.  I hope that I am proved wrong.

My usual dining pals called and we are going to try to get together this weekend.  They want to go to Maggiano’s our usual place.  I tried to get them to change to a new place but nothing doing, they want the original.  So I have reservations right now, I should be getting a call to confirm tonight or early tomorrow.  I was there last weekend eating and I have no objection to going back, I may order something else though. 

The lady I gave the AC to decided to surprise me and she paid for 1/2 of my massage yesterday.  It was the strangest thing I gave the lady my money and then she started making change with me.  I was like what in the hell are you doing?  She said if you have questions go talk with and then I knew what happened.  Nice surprise and if I knew that someone was paying for 1/2 of it I would have gone that much longer. 

There was a crisis while I was getting my massage and doing all of the follow up kept me very busy yesterday afternoon.  Long story short I have one pissed off user.  A vendor that should have called prior to showing up didn’t and showing up out of the blue here will always cause problems.  I mean you need to see if people are going to be available, what if I was out of the office?  Still it’s all my fault and whatever.  You got mad now you have to get glad again.  I covered my bases but felt like I had to throw myself under the bus in order to do that.  I never like writing my boss with issues, but she enjoys being well informed.  I feel like all the events of the week have caused me to be placed under the microscope and I am a little nervous.  I just did something that I know is prohibited and I broke policy which could get me in to hot water but I had to get the remote user working again.  It’s off the radar so unless you go looking no one will know what I have done.  If I get caught it won’t be pretty.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

Oh the cute guy that I have the major crush on here at work that is straight and married.  Yeah well I gave him a subway gift card.  He went yesterday and brought me back a couple cookies.  That was nice.  Now I hear he is very sick and had to go home yesterday.  He thinks it was food poisoning.  It’s like no good deed goes unpunished.  I feel bad but if he asked for Jared’s secret sauce on his sandwich that isn’t my fault.  His manager thinks that it’s funny but I do not, I feel bad.  Of course I don’t know that it was Subway that did him in, it could have been something he had for breakfast.  I ate the cookies last night and I am fine.  They were extra sweet as usual for a freshly made cookie and they were bad for me but I haven’t had a bad reaction from them. 

Windows 10 has finally made it’s self available to me on my home PC.  I got clearance from my postage provider, they say their software works fine with Windows 10 so I will be upgrading over the weekend.  Wish me luck and I hope I don’t regret my decision.  I really want it on my laptop first but they apparently push it machine by machine and not account by account.  I thought that once it was available on one machine it would be available on all of them, since I use the same Windows Account to login with.  Not so. 

I’ve done some clean up work here at the office.  Been staring at cardboard boxes for months on end and finally decided to get rid of them.  Now if the place that we donated some monitors to would come pick them up I would have even more room in the storage area.  I am sick to death of looking at them but I am not pushing the issue.

Just got an update on my chair.  Apparently the check hasn’t been cut yet so the timer to wait for my chair hasn’t started.  I should have another update next week.  I thought something was wrong when it was implied that payment had been made.  Companies don’t just give up money overnight, they drag it out through some long approval process, then you have to get on the check cutting schedule as most places only pay bills one time per week.  So I could be waiting for quite sometime for this chair.  I hope that isn’t the case. 

Right now all that matters to me is when I get to leave today.  So anxious for the end of the day and start of the weekend.  I just want to sleep and be lazy for a little bit, not having to think about anything or anyone.  That to me is the best part it’s like letting my hair down as if I could do that, my hair is so short.  Still you get the idea.  Tension, Stress and Chaos is it any wonder that I have several large knots in my back? 

Here’s to a good weekend for all.  Talk with you peeps again soon. 

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Jude said...

Getting half of your massage paid for was a nice gesture. :)

Have a good weekend!