11 August 2015

Itchy Car

Late yesterday afternoon, we had a water main break.  Somehow we had water in the building but the AC system didn’t have water and was shutdown.  Thankfully this happened during working hours, so I was able to react and get the proper people notified and put fans in place.  I prayed the phone wouldn’t ring at night and it did not.  So I was leaving and had to pass by the water main break.  That is when I found out I had an itchy car.  Yeah I scratched it on a construction sign.  I was not too happy about it but what can you do?  I didn’t see how bad things were until I got to the post office and it looked horrible.  So I went home and got out my touch up paint kit.  I was all set to paint it and something just told me, don’t do it.  I put on some primer and getting that off helped fade the scratch some.  I ordered a scratch repair kit that has a clear coat pen in it.  That should take care of the problem from the research that I have done.  The kit will be here tomorrow so fingers crossed.  I am not a handy man when it comes to mechanical or auto body, but I do what I can.  I am glad that I didn’t pain it because I would be married to that and changing it would have required a professional.  It’s events like this that make me think I should start driving the bucket of bolts (aka the truck) to work, so if it gets scratched, hit or whatever it wouldn’t matter so much.  However, I am comfortable in my car so that is what I drive.  Still thinking about getting a new one but then I would be married to car payments and that wouldn’t be any fun.

Since I spent a lot of time with my car issue, my evening didn’t have a whole lot of activity.  I surfed the web for a quick minute and logged in my mortgage bill.  Then it was upstairs to play on my phone and sit with the children.  I decided to call it an early evening and retired to my room.  I got some good sleeping done last night.  Woke up at 4a and had to let Marvin in and those next two hours flew by but they were enjoyable sleeping hours.  I have also thought about getting a new mattress.  There is a company on-line called Casper that will ship a mattress they made to your door.  It’s vacuum packed in a box so when you open the box the mattress comes to life.  They offer a huge trial period and give you a 10 year warranty.  However, a twin costs $500 that seems a bit pricy to me.  Besides that I like to try before I buy and not have to worry about return shipping.  Anyway looking at their website must have jolted my subconscious into action.  I hope sleep tonight is just as enjoyable.  I’d really like a temper-pedic bed but those are up there in price as well.  I have laid on one in a store and got up after I saw the price.

One of the hot studs I work with came by my desk to tell me about a job opening that was much closer to home.  It would be with County Government and he was certain I was more than qualified.  I looked and sure enough I am.  It would be closer to home, less stress, no on-call and a huge pay cut.  It would be a union position but common sense already tells me that I couldn’t survive on the measly wage they are paying.  I am very well taken care of here when it comes to money and I couldn’t see leaving what I see as a sure thing to get the benefits of being in a union, less stress and no on-call.  I am glad that he thought of me but it’s just not practical.  Plus the hot stud that turned me on to this opportunity could be a setup.  He’s got a big mouth and if you tell him something in the morning by noon everyone knows.  Oh yeah one more perk, the hours would be much better and I would be able to get up later and come home way sooner.  Plus I could go home for lunch if I wanted.  Too bad they don’t pay more because I would love the opportunity. 

So I am by myself today in the office, the other two tech people I work with are out today.  Hello to leaving early.  Might not be by much but I will be early.  Always seize that opportunity when it’s presented, because it happens very rarely.  It is a fairly calm day here and hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself.  The afternoon will be long and boring, what else is new.  Better to be bored and paid than to be bored. 

That is all I know at the moment.  Really wishing that I had a time machine, even thought I know life is all about moving forward.  There are still moments I would like to go back to and re-live for obvious reasons.  I hope all is going well for you and that life is treating you well.  Take care and I shall talk with you again.

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