08 August 2015


I got my lazy Saturday.  I slept in, got up around 8:30a and fed the children thanks to Gator and her incessant meowing and clawing at the bedroom door.  Then I had breakfast and watched a movie on Netflix.  Then it was time for a nap.

After the nap, woke up and had a late lunch.  Fed the children again.  Then laid down on the couch and watched some TV.  Fell asleep and woke up a couple hours later. 

Got dressed and went out to start my day at 4pm.  Better late than never.  Got the mail which brought me the latest copy of Out Magazine.  Then on to Target to pick up cat litter and treats.  Then out to eat where I saw a very buff looking blond hair blue eyed guy.  He was just what the doctor ordered.  I didn’t have the balls to approach him, so I ate my meal and stared periodically.  He looked at me a couple times.  That was some fine looking eye candy. 

Then it was on to the cat food store.  Where I saw 2 of the guys I like working side by side.  When I was headed up to the front to check out there was only 1 guy.  He was bent over and oh my that was some sweet view.  I can’t help it – the heart wants what the heart wants. 

Now I am back home where I have started laundry.  My weekend plans fell apart.  My friend that I was supposed to go out to eat with had to work, so I got the entire day to myself.  I did put the phones on DO NOT DISTURB and as you can see slept most of the day away.  It felt good but my feet are still killing me. 

I will be here until morning when I will be headed out for breakfast and grocery shopping.  Then filling my car with gasoline and coming home to wrap things up and prep for another fun filled week.  I sure hope that this coming week is nothing like last week!

Take care and we shall talk again soon. 

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