03 August 2015

Mega Call Monday

Today has been busy, which is expected after the activities of the weekend.  There are two more weekends to go and then the bulk of the project will be done.  There are some stragglers that have been left behind which we will catch up with then life should start to become easier, or so I hope.  I should be done with working Saturdays, which I view as a good thing.  Of course there still will be on-call but that can be done from home, so it’s not like I have to come in. 

Having one day off sure does cut the weekend short, even if I didn’t have to work all day long, it wears on a person.  It was nice to be free but here I am once again not free and a slave to my job.  I like busy but right now it’s crazy busy and that is just too much for me.  So I pace myself and do what I can, which is all anyone can ask for. 

I switched from eating Oatmeal to going back to sugared cereal.  I have polished off a 1/2 box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch this morning in one sitting.  I love that stuff, it’s my weakness.  That explains why I feel like the bottom is about to fall out of my sugar.  I can feel things getting ready to change.  Thankfully lunch time is a short time away but if need be I can always start eating early.  I don’t want to have any issues while I am at work.  Got a nice lunch packed. 

I got here early this morning, which is the norm for me since they started construction.  I heard the news say that the construction was done but they were still working when I passed this morning.  I can’t find anything on line that supports the claim that says they are done.  So I guess it was my imagination, unless they surprise us on the commute home.  That has been the most difficult.  Because 3 lanes goes down to 2 lanes and no one wants to let anyone in.  Coming in it’s 3 lanes all the way and they are done on that side.  Anyway, I gave the gift card to the hunk at work.  He was appreciative and told me that I didn’t have to do that.  Yeah I know but it was the right thing to do.  Plus it helps take the sting out when I ask for future favors.  The last guy that was here didn’t give them anything but I am different in many ways and if you help me on a regular basis and I can afford to reward you then I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t be rewarded.  Yeah I want to jump his bones but that doesn’t play into this at all.  It’s a simple gesture of kindness. 

Wow I am starting to get tired, still have plenty to do.  Need to eat and then get back to the old bump and grind.  Looking forward to the weekend already even if I do have a therapy appointment.  This could be the last one, only time will tell.  So there you have it all of the news in my world has now been imparted to you.  Hope you enjoyed reading about it.  Take care and I shall talk with you peeps later. 

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