29 August 2015

Time Poor

So it seems that my days at work are getting busier, at least that was the case last week.  I found myself on more than one occasion running at 100mph.  Friday I got yelled at again by someone needing help, it wasn’t nearly as bad as earlier in the week and this particular person loves to yell when it comes to technology problems.  I was able to let it go but it didn’t exactly make my day.

My poor personal laptop hasn’t been powered on for 3 business days straight.  I will try to change that on Monday, but that can be a known busy day of the week.  Friday night was peaceful I got to fill up my tank (gas prices went up on the way home, making me wish I would have filled up in the morning), pick up the mail, grab cat food and then come home.  I had Stouffers Lasagna and I made Garlic Bread.  I ate entirely too much food but that was sort of the point. 

Saturday morning started around 9a with my first call.  I have had a few thus far.  One that was particularly challenging but I got it fixed.  I had a lady call me from a conference room because she needed to add a printer.  Problem is that she left me the internal extension number to dial.  It took some creative thinking on my part to be able to reach her.  Of course she didn’t leave her name.  My hope is that Sunday will be about as busy or less busy than today has been.  I was able to squeeze in a nap for a couple hours which really pleased me. 

Last night my mom called and told me how the neighbors started a lynch mob to run her out of the neighborhood.  She told me they had listening devices and they were rattling the windows.  One breath she said she wasn’t leaving the next breath she said in six months she was selling the house and going to move.  Paranoid Delusions is all this is.  She has to constantly have drama or life has no purpose.  If there isn’t drama, she makes it up.  It’s all part of her mental disease.  I just listened.  I actually broke out in laughter at one point and she told me how serious she was.  I gained my composure and listened to her babble on.  I tried more than once to change the subject but that doesn’t work with her, she has a one track mind and until she is done saying her peace she won’t forget the track she is on.  Now that is when she is passionate about something, ask her what was for breakfast yesterday and she won’t remember.  Ask her about something, anything in the past and there may be some memory.

The children are making the most of daddy being home.  I have been pestered quite a bit today.  Be it for food, attention, belly rubs or just because they like to see me try to figure out the mystery of what they want.  Big Boy started sawing logs, it’s always nice to hear him snore.  It’s not obnoxious like a human being.

So to help occupy my time, I have done some porn surfing this morning.  I also got 5 pairs of glasses coming for home try on from Warby Parker.  Then I ordered myself a blowjob robot.  How’s that for a birthday present.  One of my female co-workers asked me out to lunch next week, so were going to the new Mexican place.  I sure hope it’s good. 

Looking forward to tomorrow to know how much money I will be getting on Monday, which is pay day.  The big bills are waiting and everyone wants their money.  I am interested in knowing how much I will have left over.  Because there are other operating expenses that I need to pay for like groceries, gasoline, cat food and dining out.  Then of course there is my bi-weekly massage.

I also re-watched Tosh.O because I passed out in the middle of it.  I also watched the last episode of Suits because I missed the first 1/2 thanks to my DVR because it had a technical issue.  I heard this catchy tune and wanted to know who sung it and used Shazam and found out the details.  I bought the song from iTunes, it’s 99 cents that is so worth it.  For your listening enjoyment the video appears below.  Give it a listen and I think you will agree it’s awesome!  Talk with you peeps later.

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