30 August 2015

Sunday not Fun day

I accomplished my mission of getting to breakfast and the grocery store without any interruption.  In fact it was a couple hours before I got my first call, which was around 11a.  I have been kept busy.  Every time I tried to take a nap the phone would go off.  It was like someone had a camera on me.  I got a quick cat nap in but nothing substantial.  Laundry was done quickly.  Time got away from me and I have to skip vacuuming, the only ones happy about that are the other residents here (aka cats). 

We had a small outage today.  I started seeing repeat calls about the same thing.  I made mention of it to the Network guy but he said oh it’s just people being stupid.  Yeah, okay.  Turns out I was right and it wasn’t until we had 3 calls for the same thing within minutes that the issue was discovered and fixed.  I have had one or two calls since that but it sounds like things are going to get quiet, or so I hope. 

I was able to squeeze in a shave, shower and managed to eat supper as well as wrangle the trash.  My mom called while I was eating but I let her go to voice mail.  She told me that her cell phone was stolen.  It’s a pre-paid phone and she tried to call her carrier but says they were closed.  Okay if you don’t care I don’t care.  There is usually someone there that can suspend service 24/7.  It’s her battle to fight.  She hung her purse on the back of a chair at a local mall while her and my brother were eating.  They left and she forgot her purse.  She went back and someone had turned in her purse, minus the phone.  It wouldn’t surprise me if the phone was still in the house somewhere, but she says it was stolen.  Then she told me all about her night.  The neighbors rioting again and she had to call the police.  The police catered to her paranoia and told her they would beef up patrols, she should call if there were any other problems.  Then she said oh they have a police radio, they can hear our conversation.  Yeah, uh that’s not the case.  Police radios are for the police to talk on to their dispatcher.  Her and I were communicating on VOIP which is transmitted over the internet and there isn’t a way a radio could pick that up.  Now someone could have listened to our conversation on the internet that is presuming the packets were not secured and I honestly don’t know if either of us has an encrypted connection.  I did some searching but couldn’t determine.  At any rate I doubt that anyone is remotely interested in anything that either of us have to say.  Mom said that she would call me if she had any problems.  Yeah uh okay.  What exactly do you think I am going to do?  If you chose nothing, then give your self a pat on the back.  Unless she is in real danger or there is a serious medical problem, those are the only two circumstances that would cause me to act.  Otherwise I will just listen and push it aside.  Bottom line here is she is lonely and I am not sure if it’s her or her mental condition that is dreaming up the problems.  It’s all to get attention.

I was able to see what will be deposited in my bank accounts tomorrow.  I had enough money to pay for my auto insurance in cash, but if I did then I would have to live on $100 for 3 weeks, which is impossible to do between cat food and my food we would never make it.  So I opted to charge the auto insurance.  I will pay for it when the bill comes due next month.  Now I am all out of bills but I have money left over.  There soon will be more bills and expenses here to take away my money.  It’s a never ending cycle, even after you die there will be companies that still want their pound of flesh.

Here’s hoping that the remainder of the night and early morning hours are silent.  I just want to go eat my Chocolate Ice Cream, prepare my lunch and be able to relax before getting ready for bed.  I never look forward to Monday’s that is until I am on call.  Now I work all this week and then next weekend I will have 3 days off because next Monday is Labor Day.  Nice!  I see that on the 23rd we celebrate the first day of Fall aka Autumn.  Just bring on the pumpkin stuff and the Sausage Stuffing on Turkey day - - My stomach will be happy.

I hope that your weekend was enjoyable.  I was sad to learn that James Earl Jones passed away.  He had a most amazing voice and was a very good actor as well.  Another one of the greats is gone.  I will talk with you all again soon.  Be well. 

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Jude said...

I just read that James Earl Jones didn't really pass away, it was another one of those internet hoaxes. Hopefully that is so!

Have a good week!