19 August 2015

One More Day

I was able to pill myself to sleep last night.  It was an okay night of sleeping but it did have a couple interruptions.  When I woke up this morning I still wasn’t quite feeling it.  Rather than getting sick, this almost feels like a bad allergy attack.  In any case I fed the cats, sent my obligatory emails, re-recorded my voice mail greeting, took my pills and gave Big Boy his pill, then I was back in bed.  As much as I did want to return today I felt the extra day would help.  When I woke up I was a sneezing mess and my nose was all itchy.  I opted to start on Prednisone, it’s a quick fix for the major symptoms.  The side effects that I will have to endure will be dizziness, hot flashes and peeing all of the water away in my body.  The other side effect will be that I will want to eat much more.  It’s only a short 6 day course, then life will return to normal. 

I isolated myself again today no phones, no computer no nothing but TV.  I saw the Single Moms Club.  That was the best thing that I watched all day long.  There were lots of other movies but they were dumb.  Last night I took in Defying Gravity for a mere $2.99 and it wasn’t until I started watching it that I realized I had already seen it.  That’s the problem with Gay Themed Movies there just aren’t a ton of them to pick from.  Now if your looking at gay porn well there is plenty to chose from.  However, I like to watch movies that have gay themes to them – it’s just more normal for me.  I am also big into Stand Up Comedy but there isn’t a lot to chose from there either. 

Thankfully tonight it’s Wednesday so that means that Suits will be on.  I always look forward to that show and this weeks episode is sure to be a doozy from the trailers that I have seen.  Also after that is Mr. Robot which is getting interesting.  Both are on USA and I think they are also streamed after the fact on USA’s website, but don’t hold me to that. 

When I did finally open up technology I got some great news.  One of my many favorite porn stars is going to bottom for the first time.  I’m talking about Will Braun.  Photo below is none other than him. 


For the first time in at least a year or more I was able to see Lawn Boy today.  Man he still has the figure going on but you can see that his face shows his age.  I looked at him but went back to my movie quickly – it wasn’t like I wanted to sit and watch his every move like in the old days.  He’s straight and I’ve got no chance with that, so keep it moving.

I will be going back tomorrow and the shit is stacking up for me.  While others can take phone calls no one can fix the physical things in my office that require an on site tech.  So that means my day should be interesting.  The massage therapist will be in as well.  I am hitting up the ATM in the morning and hopefully I will be able to get some time with her either tomorrow or on Friday.  If not well so be it.  Can’t say that I didn’t try. 

Short rest of the week and then I will have to enjoy my last free weekend, as next weekend I will be on call.  That is when it starts to rain.  Now, I looked at last weekend and Saturday & Sunday were very busy.  I will be keeping an eye on this weekend as well.  But it only gives you an idea of what to expect.  It’s not until your actually on-call that you know what your in for.  Everyone is telling me that I won’t be able to leave the house.  Yeah maybe on Saturday but on Sunday I will be at Steak N Shake and driving to the grocery store.  I mean a guy has to eat!

All of the time at home has of course caused me to lament on how I am all alone and what I have been through.  While I am stronger in some ways I am still vulnerable.  2 years seems like a long time but it’s a very short period of time.  While the dating world hasn’t exactly been kind to me, I hope that I can meet someone who will be able to rock my world both in and out of bed.  I realize that what I dream for may mean that I have to meet multiple people but I would just as soon skip that and go straight to the end.  I know that is not how it works, but I wish that it did. 

The children have loved me being home.  Momma and Gator have taken full advantage of me.  Big Boy even wrapped his around my leg.  They are still doing the meow choir and they have enjoyed lunch again.  It’s more expensive for me to stay home than go to work where they are concerned.  At least my gas tank won’t require a lot of fuel this Friday.  I do plan to get out of the area on the weekend and who knows maybe I will actually make it to the movies.  I just hope that I can have some fun this weekend.

I hope all is well in your world.  Take care and we shall talk again soon. 

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