08 August 2015

My Windows 10 Experience

My desktop has officially been upgraded to Windows 10 Pro.  I started the download process and waited.  I had a couple of pop ups to deal with in answering questions – like that I understand Media Center has been removed from Windows and that’s it’s okay to proceed.  I also had to tell the software that I wanted to install now instead of scheduling the install.  Then the machine rebooted and I got this circle on the screen where it was installing.  That is the point where I called it a night and went to bed.  That looked like it would take hours to complete. 

I came back to my machine this afternoon and had to still answer a couple of questions.  I didn’t go with Express Settings, I went through and set everything the way I wanted it.  If you use the Express Settings there are some serious privacy concerns (check out Google for more info).  Then my machine loaded up the new OS.

It seemed to have rendered my machine useless for a few minutes.  I was ready to dump it and go back to 8.1.  However, a little patience pays off and things came to life.  It appeared that it didn’t see my 2nd monitor, which didn’t make me happy.  I started researching that and then all of a sudden I had a 2nd screen.  My MS Money didn’t work said that it needed IE 6 in order to run.  I found a registry hack on-line that took care of it.  Money works just fine now.  Very thankful for that.  I really don’t want to have to abandon that program it does a great job helping me track my finances.  I know there are better solutions on line but I like what I like. 

Next I moved to the desktop and had to re-arrange all of my icons.  Then I lost my slideshow wallpaper of guys.  I had to set that back up.  Then the task bar.  They added in a few extra features that I didn’t like so I had to turn them off.  I prefer the classic windows look.  Got things changed to my liking. 

Windows Update is no longer in the Control Panel.  It’s been relocated to the Settings menu.  I ran it and had a couple of updates to download.  I know that Microsoft is working on a Service Pack for v10 to address some of the privacy concerns that should be out according to the chatter I hear by the end of the month. 

Honestly while I appreciate the free software I don’t quite see what all of the fuss is about.  I am presently working on defragging my C drive.  There is a bunch of stuff left behind in the registry and I have gotten that all cleaned out.

Finally the new Edge browser, well there are more security concerns with it.  I am still using Internet Exploder  Explorer V11.  Honestly I really like IE so switching away from it won’t be something that I do unless it’s a mandated switch.  I am sure with sometime it will be phased out, but until then I like it and will keep using it. 

Should I or Shouldn’t I upgrade?  If your getting the software for free like most people I would say YES upgrade it’s free and there is no reason to pass that up.  If you have to pay for it, well then that is up to you.  If I had to pay for it I wouldn’t have upgraded.

I did have to purchase some new software and install updated versions of other programs.  Overall at this point I am pleased.  If you do upgrade have patience and if something doesn’t work, remember your best friend is Google, you can find fixes there. 

Happy Computing!

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Jude said...

I've had my W 10 reserved and is just waiting for me to get 'er done. I'm on vacation in a couple of weeks time, so I'm waiting to do it then. :)