27 August 2015


This day didn’t start off good.  I was tired when I rolled out of bed and really didn’t want to go to work.  I know seems to be a recurring theme.  Anyway I get to work and the cute guy that I have a crush on, comes up to me and tells me that he is leaving.  His last day will be in a couple weeks.  That just ruined my day.  I wanted to say now who am I going to look at, but I didn’t.  He did get an honest surprised reaction out of me.  Even though he is straight I wouldn’t mind him having an affair with me.  I’d love to come out to him and let him know how I feel, but that wouldn’t serve any purpose and would probably wind up hurting me.  Funny thing is I had just asked God to help me control my feelings for this guy.  I guess with him leaving that will solve that problem.  I also asked to win the lottery and got my $5 winning ticket. 

It was another busy day.  It the second time this week that I haven’t had time to power up my personal laptop.  There is good and bad with that but honestly, I would rather be doing what I am paid to do.  It keeps me in the good graces of my boss. 

Tonight’s mail brought me my eye glass prescription that I asked for.  Opening the envelope I cut the document in half.  Thank God for tape.  Then I get a notice from my mortgage company.  It was an escrow statement.  I was hoping for a check to be attached but instead I got a notice that my house payment is going up.  There will be a shortage in the account.  I can pay a lump sum to help catch it up and still get a higher payment or just make a higher payment.  They earn interest on my money so I think I will just take the higher payment instead of parting with a lump sum of money.  I am so glad that I held out from buying a new car.  I still have plenty of cushion to play with every month and I really don’t want to commit it to a vehicle or anything else. 

No calls last night and I hope for the same tonight.  One more day and then I get to see what kind of fun I will have over the weekend.  Still praying, hoping and wishing for quiet or at the very least a slow pace.  Normally there aren’t any calls after 9p on weekends but I still have to be available just in case.  Saturday I pretty much chalk up to staying at home.  Sunday I want out to get my breakfast and shop for groceries and then I will be back home. 

Now up to sit with the muffins and watch TV until it’s once again time to climb into bed.  Speaking of the children they are all doing well.  I had some fun today with Gator when I started watching on the camera. Happy almost Friday everyone!

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