04 August 2015

Terrific Tuesday

I polished off the remaining 1/2 of the box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  It was a hard job but someone had to do it.  Very tasty but I know I didn’t do my body any favors, despite my taste buds being very happy.  Tomorrow it will be Cinnamon Chex or Special K Red Berry, still have to decide. 

Got a surprise on the way home part of the construction is done so we are back to 3 lanes for a larger part of the commute.  We still have to funnel down to 2 lanes at a certain point but my hope is that will be done with very soon.  It would be nice to see it today because rain is in the forecast for the remainder of the week and construction and traffic don’t mix well together.  I was surprised at how quickly I was home. 

Finished off the leftovers from Maggiano’s.  Opened up the mail and got the notice for the PO BOX rent.  It went up again.  I am tempted to change boxes to make the price go down but that means that I would have to change stamps, stationary, update my mailing address with lots of places, get my drivers license changed it’s just far too much work, so I complain but I pay the money in the end it is just easier.  Auto Insurance will be coming due as well.  I know that I’ve talked about going to 1 vehicle but jumping back into car payments doesn’t thrill me, it’s bad enough to have a mortgage.  I know I will be in debt for the rest of my life but I its also important to have some financial breathing room. 

My therapy appointment got cancelled for this weekend.  The therapist had something come up.  Fine by me.  Just means that I have more time to myself.  The guy I asked about catching up has received my message but has yet to respond.  I suspect that he was just being kind and humoring me when I initially hit him up.  He probably thought that I wouldn’t follow through and hit him back up.  If this is truly the case then it would have just been easier for him to say no and save us both the energy.  While I am going to give him ample time to respond, my anticipation at this point is that he won’t respond.  If my assumption is correct, it makes me want to block him.  I mean you say your a friend but when push comes to shove, your no where to be found.  Yeah I am a little ticked by this but it is better to know who your real friends are, even if it does hurt.

Last night I had to stay away from the computer, I was literally sick of technology in general.  I had some ice cream and watched TV with the children for the bulk of the evening.  Everyone was happy.  Then it came time for bed and well you know the routine.  Here I am but at least we are on the down hill slide, which is always a good thing. 

I had a bit of a crisis this morning.  I replaced a ladies laptop battery because she has hit me up a couple time for a charger and had told me that her battery isn’t holding much of a charge.  So I thought I would do her a favor, plus it was kind of my job.  Anyway the next thing I know her machine needed a bit locker recovery key.  I obtained that and then each time she would reboot her machine required the same recovery key.  They are not short either but at least they are all numbers.  So I had to figure out the problem.  Turns out that when I replaced the battery it turned off the TPM which is required to be on for bit locker.  I got that turned back on by sheer luck – the average tech would have just imaged another machine.  It was really kicking my ass but once I figured out the root of the issue it was easy to fix.  Turn the TPM back on and then tell bit locker to resume encryption and viola all is well.  I went back after a couple hours just to double check.  It’s that extra effort that people really notice and appreciate.  The last guy that was here didn’t do things like that, he was simply a fix it person.  While that is part of what the job requires I strive to make sure that everyone is happy or reasonably happy  I have to work with these people everyday, so yes I give them extra attention and special treatment that I would not otherwise provide in an average phone call, but if your in my office I’ve got your back, regardless if I like you or not.  As a result of my going the extra mile people express good things to my boss and they continue to pay me!  So it’s a win win for everyone. 

Wow 15 more minutes then it will be back to the phones.  We have a pharmacy and a clinic (doc in the box) here on site.  I had a co-worker just take me over to show me where they are at.  I found out that I can get prescriptions filled cheaper here than at a retail pharmacy, good to know.  I will be giving that a try soon and am anxious to see how much I can actually save.  If its a decent amount then it will be worth the switch. 

The children are all doing well.  I have new photos of them up in my cube and have invited some people over to take a look.  You can actually see how big Bear really is, so people have more appreciation for when I say I have a large cat.  They know now that I am not joking.  Good thing for me that he is a gentle giant instead of a mean bastard like his little sister is when it comes to claw trimming time or sharing her food. 

Well that’s all for now folks.  Back to the old bump and grind.  I shall talk with you peeps later. 

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