25 August 2015

Traffic Tuesday

I did everything right and still wound up in traffic.  Got up early, got moving early, got out the door early.  I guess today wasn’t meant to be a speedy day.  I still made it to work in plenty of time.  Then I am walking in and saw a co-worker she was talking about a baby bird.  I didn’t realize it was in her hand.  She saw it outside by the door, it appears to have a wing injury but it let her pick it up.  She is going to have someone take it to a nearby sanctuary, poor thing it looks hurt, scared and it might even be hungry but it’s very tiny. 

So things have calmed down here at work since the Monday rush.  We still have some pending issues but that is just job security I think.  I had a quiet night of on-call but the phone was buzzing all the way up until the time I went to bed.  It gets kind of aggravating but I don’t have to do anything, just press delete. I don’t start until 11p each night.  Thankfully we are not a International or Global Firm so night time is typically quiet time and that is a good thing.  I don’t sleep that well being in on-call mode.

I got Marvin’s claws trimmed last night.  He protested by not sleeping with me.  That is two nights in a row.  I have to give him medicine tonight so there is another reason why he will boycott me, but I hope he doesn’t.  I like sleeping with him and once I am out he goes to his end of the bed and it’s sweet dreams for everyone. 

My biggest problem last night was trying to find something to watch.  I finally landed on a stand up comedy special, it was okay.  Tonight I have Tosh.O to look forward to.  It’s a half hour but it’s better than nothing.  I am trying to stay away from the computer as much as possible and relax.  The weekend will be stressful and I might as well relax while i can. 

The other big challenge is what to have for supper.  I am thinking about soup tonight.  Last night it was Steak Fajita’s.  I have plenty of TV Dinners but they do get old after a while.  I needs to find me a man that can cook both on the stove and in bed.  Then I don’t know what I would complain about because my belly would be full and I would be exhausted from the workout in bed.  Amazing how one person can solve my problems. 

It’s going to be a long afternoon but that’s okay, quitting time will come eventually.  Looking forward to going home to see my babies. Especially my Big Boy.  He’s been a very hungry and demanding guy lately.  He needs an old fashioned bath but I won’t give into that until next week when I know I have time for it.  He won’t be anxious for it anyway.

Well off to stir up some trouble, or something like that.  Happy Tuesday, I only wish I were at home napping.  That sounds really good right about now. 

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