31 July 2015

Different Way Home

Last night there was something that had traffic majorly backed up.  I sat in it for a little bit and then realized this line goes on for miles and miles and miles (sounds like a Who song).  So I changed lanes and took a different way home.  It actually seemed quicker I suppose because I was moving.  There was very little stop, it was mostly go which is the name of the game.  I filled up my gas tank and washed the car after getting the mail and then it was home. 

Everyone in the cat kingdom is doing okay.  Bear still has yet to pee, it’s been an entire day already.  I am starting to wonder if he has some type of blockage or infection, or if it’s something more serious.  I try not to panic too much because that isn’t good for him or I.  He is pooping though, so I am happy about that.  My hope is that this will all clear up by tonight.  He’s had water and food today, it’s got to go someplace.  Outside of him Momma is still scratching and she has managed to get under my feet a couple of times.  So she has been stepped on and kicked.  Poor little girl makes me feel bad.  I gave her a hug this morning after she snuck up on me and I turned around and kicked her.  She wasn’t too happy but quickly got over it.  I tell you these cats are what keeps me going!

I had another dose of reality hit me last night about how I am free and can do what I want.  It was just a little bit overwhelming.  I also realized there is no more fighting, the battle is done and over.  Closing out that chapter while comforting in some respects, it causes me to wonder where I will be able to channel my energy.  I mean I have been doing it for so long it’s like second nature to me and now it’s like something is missing.  I am not at all wishing that it would come back and I am not saying I am not happy.  It just feels odd, but I am sure I will manage to adjust. 

Just got my demo chair taken away.  Could be up to a month before I get the chair that was ordered.  I sure hope they work super fast and deliver early.  I always tell people worse case scenario but try to surprise them by delivering early, it makes you look good and it causes them to be happy and really like you.  Win – Win !

So that is it for this last post of July.  I shall talk with you peeps next month.  Goodbye July and hello August!

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