26 August 2015

Bad Experience

I had a very bad on-call experience last night.  First my co-workers who cover the late shift decided to leave early, but they didn’t tell anyone.  Someone called for help and I got to deal with that someone who was a screaming asshole.  This was a late night event that started at 10:30 and didn’t get done until 11:15 but I was already up and couldn’t go back to sleep.  This event took away sleep, consumed most of my day and I probed different avenues that I could proceed down.  I found out that nothing will be done to the asshole who was the aggressor because of his stature.  However, I asked about what if I would have engaged and barked back at the aggressor oh now there is concern and I would have been in deep shit.  This is pure bullshit and the total reason why I didn’t want to ever work for the type of business I am apart of.  I am appreciated, well paid but I shouldn’t have to deal with verbal abuse.  I am very upset that I was lied to and deceived.  I brought these concerns with me to my interview and they were put to rest quickly and once I started HR even gave this pomp and circumstance speech about how verbal abuse isn’t tolerated.  Lying pieces of shit! My bosses reaction was let it go and don’t worry about it.  Lovely that is NOT the response I anticipated. 

I am just now starting to let go.  Not that you care but I haven’t had an orgasm in 3 days, add this along with a night of about 4 hours sleep and you have one pissed off homosexual.  If this occurs again with the same person, I found someone who is on my side and who will squash it quickly.

I am reasonably comfortable at my job and I don’t want to have to walk on pins and needles every day.  I have done that dance and it’s quite uncomfortable.  There is a lot at stake and I am considering looking for a new job.  I have to have a steady job and a stable income or everything that I worked so hard to keep will fall by the wayside and the black mark will go on my credit report. 

The best news of the day is that I won the lottery again.  Yeah a whole $5 but it’s better than nothing.  I was hoping for a sizeable win to buy a car, get a new roof and pay off all of my debt.  I could live very comfortably then and afford a vacation and to do other things that I would like to explore. 

Now on to tonight's entertainment.  Suits on USA.  This is the season finale and the stars say watch it live not recorded because it will be a good show. The Firm will never be the same again.  Okay, you got me hooked.  Time to go check it out. 

Here’s hoping that the remainder of this on-call hell hole that I am in goes much smoother and quieter.  I should be much happier this time next week, even if I will be a year older. 

Finally, a couple of guys that I have crushes on (that I know are straight) have reacted to a post on my FB page.  It’s about Windows 10 and the reporting feature that could easily out a child to his parents.  This is a sensitive subject and I got the impression that they both were trying to incite an argument.  I responded to both of them and hope that quashes the matter.  I don’t want to lose a friend over sharing an article.  Then again if I do were they really that much of a friend in the first place?

Okay in the words of Joey Graceffa…. Good Damn Bye!

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