18 August 2015

No Place Like Elhomo

The rest of yesterday played out okay.  I had a decent meal and spent time with the children.  Called it a nigh early, I just became so overly tired that I had to go to bed.  I knew that it wouldn’t bode well for me.  Usually when that happens I wake up in the middle of the night and am up for hours on end, until I get back to sleep.  I did wake up during the night but I was quickly back to sleep.

When I awoke this morning I didn’t feel well at all.  My neck was killing me and my throat felt raw.  I pressed on to Breakfast and then quickly realized there was no point in going any further.  I was staying home for the day.  There was a lot planned for today and I really didn’t want to miss it, but my body told me it was time to rest.  So after sending out the obligatory emails to inform the masses that I would be resting at home, I promptly turned my computer off.  Forwarded my home phone to voice mail and turned off my mobile phone.  A day of peace & quiet it was.  That is until Gator started in.  Then Bear and soon we had a cat choir singing the song of you don’t pay me enough attention and I want some now.  They wrote that song too. 

I slept a good part of the day away with not one but two naps.  I watched movies on Amazon kind of interesting.  I started with The Odd Couple, very interesting movie.  Then it was on to Saturday night at the baths a movie from 1975 and I could easily tell where the plot was going.  Yes this was a gay movie.  Then I saw the remake of the Beverly Hillbillies.  That was awesome and a whole lot of fun. 

Supper came early for the cats and for me as well.  Now they are begging me for treats and I really don’t want to give in for a bit.  I know that I threw off their routine for the day. 

The best part is between movies some sales person rang the door bell and Ruth started growling because she got woken up and thought that we had a visitor.  That just tickled me little Ruth thinking that she could take on the world.  Mighty Cat.  I’m here to tell you that if the world would have poked her, the world would have been in for a hell of a fight. 

By afternoon I had removed the forward on the phone, turned the mobile phone on and sifted through my small amount of email.  I have trouble lurking for me tomorrow.  Got a machine that sounds like it’s failing.  That won’t be fun at all.  My plans are to return tomorrow provided my body says it’s okay.  My worry now is that I won’t be able to sleep tonight.  So I have to take some extra sleeping pills and pray that they do the trick.

Yesterday I finally heard back from the complaint letter I sent to the mortgage company about the homeowners fiasco.  They somehow don’t think they did anything wrong and aren’t convinced despite a notice of cancellation that the policy would have lapsed.  I am going to respond but am waiting.  The longer I can stew and think the better the response.  I can clearly see they won’t be giving me anything for the time that I wasted in policing this.  I shouldn’t have to babysit and I while I will do some checking next year I don’t plan on jumping through hoops like I did this year.  Then again I hope that we don’t have a repeat performance. 

Nothing terribly exciting going on just a semi sick dude who is slightly lonely.  It’s time like this that I realize there is no one around to help me, if I don’t do it then it doesn’t get done.  What I would have liked most today is someone to make me a bowl of chicken soup.  I hate being the one left behind.  If my throat is bothering me that will bring me to my knees every time.  It did as a child and well I am just a bigger and older child now.  This could have waited to happen for a couple months.  However, stress has many side effects. 

Time for some more TV and I think an ice cold bottle of water.  Sounds good to me.  Then again I could just as soon have ice cream and then the water.  Here’s hoping for a better tomorrow and that I can get back to work before the place goes to hell in a hand basket. 

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Jude said...

Well that sucks! Hope you are feeling better today!