10 August 2015


My day started with one problem after another, I finally have been able to come up for air.  Phew!  Made it in early and been going ever since I got here.  The cute guy that I gave the gift card to that got food poisoning is back.  It was Subway that did it to him.  He’s eaten at this particular Subway before but as he was eating the sandwich he started to not feel good.  I would have stopped the meal but I think he kept on going.  In any case I felt really bad.  I told him the cookies were fine.  Glad he is back but you can tell by looking at him that he has been through the mill.  Not a fun way to spend the weekend, hopefully it’s all up hill from here for him.  No good deed goes unpunished. 

I finally got confirmation from my friend that our meeting is on for Saturday.  A little nervous but I think it will be a good time and there isn’t anything to worry about. 

Gator was all over met yesterday, sleeping on top of me – following me around – telling me she was hungry.  I know she loves me and longs to be next to me.  I woke up and she had her head tilted and her ear was resting on my chest, she was out like a light.  Minutes before I was telling her no daddy needs his sleep.  She isn’t one that gives up easily but when she finally does give up, I am much happier.

We had some serious storms roll in last night.  Just like last Sunday the phones were going nuts and the weather radio went off twice.  Woke up this morning and everything is just fine.  Rain is in the forecast for today but the rest of the week looks to be dry.  Wet roads mean slower commutes and more accidents.

Made it through the grocery store yesterday and I have maybe $20 in my primary checking account.  I picked up Pumpkin Ice Cream among other things.  Wow I had some last night and it’s damn good.  I think I will be finishing it off tonight.  I got more Fit Kitchen Dinners which were on sale for $3 each.  Not a bad deal at all.  I tried to skimp here and there but I was at the upscale store so as much as you try to cut back they are more expensive to start with.  I was smart and got my soda on Saturday at Target, it was on sale and I am stocked for a while. 

Just killing time until Lunch time rolls around here in a little bit.  I’ve got a nice deli sandwich to sink my choppers into and very much looking forward to it.  We have a staff meeting on Wednesday and that won’t be a whole lot of fun but I will play along.  I didn’t have to do my morning phone shift because I was so busy.  Would be nice to get out of the afternoon shift as well but I don’t think that will happen.  As long as all I get are simple calls I can deal with it.   We have a payday coming at the end of the week, which is a very good thing or I would have to charge my groceries and I really hate to do that. 

No Windows 10 upgrade for my laptop just yet.  I thought perhaps that once I installed it at home it would jog things along and the laptop would be telling me it was ready to install.  No such luck yet.  It will be nice to have both machines on the same platform.  No telling how long I will have to wait but waiting is my only choice at this point.  No issues just yet with my home pc, Windows 10 Pro is running just fine.

I made my twitter private yesterday.  I really wanted to start following a couple porn stars that I am fans of and didn’t want that out in the open for the world to see.  There is just something about big brother at work finding out that creeps me out.  Plus you never know when I will run for President or God forbid have to look for another job.  Just as soon keep my private life, private as possible.  I know there isn’t a whole lot of privacy there but every little bit helps.

Happy Monday and I will talk with you later. 

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Jude said...

Everything I've read so far says that food poisoning symptoms start as soon as a couple or few hours after ingesting tainted food. If your friend started feeling sick while he was eating, I'm betting it was either a stomach bug of some sort he already had and was just showing up, or if he did have food poisoning it was from an earlier meal. Just my thoughts.....