24 August 2015

Make it stop already

Ever have one of those days where you just want it to stop?  That is how I feel about today.  It’s been nuts so far.  I decided to sleep in 5 minutes, got in back to school traffic which means no good parking spot.  Then from the second I walked in work just hit me.  It was intense go here, go there, do this, do that. 

My phone is on vibrate because when a message come through from our ticketing service my phone is set to make a lot of noise.  I don’t want to disturb others but when I am away from my desk it’s tough to feel the vibration, so I miss emails.  It’s only one week but it’s one of many things I hate about being on-call.  I put the final touches on my phone to ready it for on call when I got up.  Now the only other thing I have to do is at work in turning off rules and adding myself to the on-call group.  Then the fun starts, but I am not up to bat until 11p and things go back to normal at 7a.  I am still crossing my fingers for a quiet and uneventful week.

I watched a sermon from Jason & DeMarco last night via You Tube.  Kind of interesting but long.  I learned there is such a thing as a miniature donkey and they live for 40 years.  I looked them up to see a photo and they are cute.  I’d like to be around one and see how it goes.  They are supposed to be playful like a dog or a cat. 

So the claw trimming went very well.  I lifted up the couch and there she was, just sitting there and crying.  She knew what was coming but wasn’t hip to it.  I got her all taken care of and she got a brushing as well.  No effect on our friendship, things were back to normal as soon as I had food in my hands.  Everyone but Marvin is done and I will be attacking him tonight.  His nails are in the process of starting to curl.  No one likes their nails trim but Ruth is the only one that protests and requires the welding gloves.  They all have to know I love them for as much as I do for them.

I got my blog re-listed on Best Male Blogs so perhaps that will bring me some new readers, if so welcome!

Last night on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, he showed while it’s legal for gay people to get married, there are still many states where it’s still okay to discriminate or fire a person because of their sexuality.  My home state is not one of them.  But the state that I work in is one of them.  While Marriage Equality is universal, you can still be turned down for a loan, get fired from your job or even refused service in a restaurant – all based on your sexual preference.  I fail to see how sexual preference indicates your likelihood to pay back a loan.  I mean most gay people don’t have kids so there is a lot of disposable income, still everyone's situation is different.  Your performance on your job has nothing to do with your sexual preference or how you perform your job.  It also has nothing to do with how you eat your food or behave in public.  There is a bill in Congress according to Mr. Oliver that has no Republican Support and it sounds like the bill will die.  Only time will tell. 

The craziness from this morning has carried over into the afternoon.  I like to be busy but I don’t like chasing my tail or being crazy busy.  Looks like I am in for a hell of a ride.  Off to the races.  Talk with you folks again soon.  Thanks for stopping by!

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