12 August 2015

Wild Wednesday

Here we are again in the middle of the week.  All is calm, no issues at the moment.  Had a little bit of a traffic headache this morning but nothing that I couldn’t handle.  Children are purring along just fine.  Talked with a new guy that started here last week, turns out he has 5 cats too and they sound like they are all family.  Very interesting!

Talked with a co-worker friend of mine, sound like she is on the way out.  She is in her 2nd position here and not happy.  There seems to be a problem everywhere so goes in this place but it was called to her attention that she might be the problem and that offended her.  She has had different issues with the two positions she has had.  Right now she is dealing with verbal abuse and yeah I’d say that she isn’t directly the problem here but by complaining about it that puts her in the spotlight. She also has a tendency to get easily offended at things that wouldn’t bother me she thinks that someone is talking badly to her or in a negative tone.  Honestly it would be better for everyone involved if she was able to move on.  She thinks that they are going to fire her but she hasn’t been in any trouble, people actually like her and the work that she produces.  So I don’t think that will happen.  Anything is possible and I don’t want to be in the middle but I am.  To make matters worse we were both spotted coming out of an empty office this morning and it was by the wrong person.  Ever hear of guilt by association?  Yeah I think that might rub off on me. 

The day is flying by, lots to do today.  Which is a good thing but I am ready to go home.  Need to get my car’s itch, I mean scratch fixed and see the children.  I think I slept with a mosquito last night.  Fun Fact – only the female mosquitoes bite. 

Well that’s all I got, talk with you again soon.  Be well!

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