16 August 2015

The Weekend

Friday evening, I started the repairs on my car.

Saturday the big day was finally here.  I went to what was my last therapy session, or so I think.  My therapist is no longer able to meet with me on Saturday and given that my life is no longer in a shambles and all I have to work with is everyday problems, it’s probably better that we part ways.  I still can’t believe how well things have turned out. 

I worked on the car after therapy and sad to say but it turned out like shit.  I am not pleased with the results and it’s totally my fault.  The more I touch it the worse it gets so I am leaving it be.  I know that if I take it to a body shop they could fix it with very little effort but it would cost me a minor fortune.  Still thinking about trading but I am tending to hold off on that because of the commitment to car payments.  Ugh!

I met my friend that I haven’t seen in 15 years.  Holy cow he changed.  Got fat, hair color changed and facial features changed.  He walked right past me and I didn’t even know it was him.  We took time to catch up but I knew as soon as I saw him that things weren’t going to work out in the romance department, so I didn’t bother to even go down that road.  We talked about our mutual friend that neither of us has heard from in years.  Apparently he had an affair and that is why his marriage ended.  Doesn’t sound like him at all.  My friend wasn’t focused much on lunch, it was awkward so he played with his phone most of the time.  He was making plans for after lunch with other friends and as soon as he finished his food, presto he was out the door.  Fine I get it, it was awkward for me as well. 

Met my other friends for dinner and they picked up the bill.  That was kind of expected but I still kept my order with in reason and didn’t take full advantage of the situation like they did when I was paying the bill.  Now that my friend is back to work he is back eating high off the hog.  Hell if I was making $80 plus dollars an hour I would eat out every night and high off the hog as well. 

Sunday the usual laundry, grocery shopping and filling of the gas tank.  I am winding down slowly and preparing for yet another Monday that I won’t like.  My boss is on vacation and there was no weekend work, so I am anticipating a quiet Monday, we shall see if that comes true.

I read an article about iCloud not protecting all of your photos and that it was best to back them up with Google Drive or Microsoft's One Drive.  So I have uploaded all of my photos in the cloud as an extra layer of protection.  I think iCloud will get your photos back but I would rather have a duplicate set just in case.  There are photos that can’t be replaced and I need to know they are safe.  It has taken two days but they are all up their floating around. 

I also enabled multifactor authentication via Google’s Authenticator for my cloud account and did the same for my Last Pass account.  I was using Toopher but I liked the Google idea it seems more on track with an RSA PIN Token.  Authenticator generates a pin # and it expires like once every minute.  When you need the # to authenticate, just launch the app and presto there you go.  I am working on encrypting my cloud storage but I think that may take some time.  I also took some time out of my day to clean up my documents folder, which had gotten way out of control.  I was keeping a lot of things that I really didn’t need anymore. 

Nothing terribly exciting, just an average weekend that was a little busier than normal.  I have no idea what I will be doing next weekend but it will be my last weekend before I go on call for a week.  Not looking forward to that but it’s a job requirement.  At least it’s only a week and I will be done until November. 

I have come to the conclusion that I am long overdue for a vacation.  I need to book something that is low cost and that will get me out of here for a few days.  Will I do that?  Probably not.  My vacation bank is building at work and I am happy about that.  However, a lot of the days or time that I want is already spoken for.  I will save it for a rainy day or when I need to take the car in or if I ever give up and make that podiatrist appointment. 

Looking forward to watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, he always puts an interesting take on the past weeks events.  Funny guy!

I leave you with the song Overloaded by Life of Dillon.  Every time I hear this song I can’t help but thinking about a loaded baked potato.  That is not what the song is about though.  Hope you had fun this weekend.

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