01 September 2015

New Schedule

Like so many other people I am a creature of habit.  Adjusting to this new schedule at work is a little difficult.  The afternoon part is okay but staying on the phones for an extra hour is like murder.  I got involved in so many things at once.  It’s truly been a whirlwind day. 

Turns out that James Earl Jones is NOT dead.  He was the victim of a death scam.  Wow who would have thought technology would have evolved to this level.  I read it and took it for gospel, I guess I should have been skeptical when I didn’t hear anything about it in the media, just what I saw on FB. 

New kitty problem. One of the girls is going to the bathroom on the carpet in the basement.  I cleaned it up and put down a pee pad.  They went away from the pad.  Now I have two messes that I had to clean up.  Those children are a lot of work, like most kids. 

Ah so were officially in September.  I got to turn the page on every calendar and it’s always nice to see a new man of the month.  That is the only thing I look forward to when time passes so fast.  Tomorrow is my birthday.  I am not doing anything special just another day for me  I was supposed to go out today with co-workers for lunch but that got moved to Friday due to meetings.  So I will be a year older tomorrow.  Kind of wish I would have put in for time off, but what would I really do, just sit around the house.  We have Monday off so that will be nice.  I am anticipating a phone call inviting me to a BBQ but that may or may not happen.

No other news of excitement to report, just a busy day and a tired blogger.  Same Stuff Different Day.  Hope that your having a great Tuesday.  

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