01 January 2017

Lazy Damn Day

Happy New Year again!  I spent the first day of the year loafing.  I went to bed late and slept in.  Fed the kids their breakfast and then watched TV.  Eventually I wound up falling back asleep.  Thought to myself that I’d get moving towards the afternoon but that didn’t happen.  I didn’t have breakfast until 1p.  Then watched some more TV and yes again lulled myself back to sleep. 

I didn’t really wake up and get moving until my friend called at 5p.  He was telling me about his wife and that she is resting.  It was quite the day for them.  Lots of family stopping by and throwing in their input for how best to plan her funeral.  Yeah, they didn’t need that.  It’s a tough time and he has a very difficult task of watching her die.  She told him not to be afraid to move on and that it was okay to remarry.  He already knew that he had her blessing but he is all about the single life.  I mean she isn’t even gone yet.  He told me that he is a fan of one-night stands given his age and then move on.  He doesn’t want to marry again or have any type of serious relationship.  I told him being by yourself is no picnic but I can understand how you want to take time and get used to what will soon be a new normal.  This whole situation just sucks.  He is ready for it to be over, he doesn’t enjoy seeing her suffer and honestly like I said before her death will be the only way he gets off of this merry go round ride from hell.  It’s rough but once it stops you can pick up and slowly move on.  It will be lonely and painful afterwards.  I didn’t think I would make it this far or this long w/o my late partner but life does go on and you cope & get used to the situation.  Why?  Because your not left with any other options and when you have no options, it sucks but it also tends to bring out the best in you.  You prove to yourself that you can make it and that is something no one can take away from you.  It’s a bitter sweet feeling. 

I spent my day watching movies from Amazon.  I finished a Netflix series called Chasing Cameron all about Cameron Dallas.  He’s a 22 year old kid who rose to fame through social media.  Crazy how that happened.  I didn’t know who he was or what he looked like, that is until I think Logo mentioned it on FaceBook and said that he shows his butt.  I had to click to find out more and man, he’s fucking smoking hot.  Now I see what all of the fuss is about.  It’s presumed that he is straight but there is no mention of sexuality.  One of the episodes called Losing a Friend I had to turn away from.  His family put down their dog and I just couldn’t and didn’t want to watch that.  There is a short flash back in the next episode that they could have skipped.  Outside of that I enjoyed looking at his shirtless body and seeing the couple of booty shots that were included.  Oh the things I’d like to do to him!

Speaking of boys.  I let my facial hair grow out and took a couple photos at work.  When I jump back in the dating game I am using at least one of them for my profile pic.  I think they scream daddy.  Although I don’t think of myself as a daddy I wouldn’t mind having a twink for a boyfriend.  My hope is by taking time away and changing my appearance that it will yield better or more positive results.  Only time will tell.  I haven’t shaved for a while now and well frankly my face itches like mad.  So I am very eager to get all of this fur off of my face before I scratch myself raw.  I typically only shave once a week and I get lots of compliments on my facial hair, when it is present.  So that gave me the idea to try this.  Crossing my fingers.  I mean I am already at no so what do I have to lose? 

The Amazonaholic in my came out last night and I dropped $100.  Got some Cinnamon Pecans, some soap, some wedding cake cookies and some more of Bears supplement (Rutin) on the way.  Given the bonus we got from work that helped.  Of course this afternoon watching TV I thought of something else I needed but now I can’t tell you what that is or was. 

Hung up all of my 2017 calendars last night.  Had my annual shredding party and carried out 2 bags of paper.  I could have easily tossed it in the air and said Happy New Year but then there is no maid so I’d have to clean it up.  Better to leave it in the bag and just mutter HNY. 

Monday soon will be here.  Going to breakfast and to do grocery shopping.  If I get an alert I will venture to the post office.  Otherwise I don’t plan for any other travels.  I wanted to go check out some Christmas lights.  I don’t believe they are up but it would require at least one trip to check it out and honestly the longer I waited the less meaningful it was.  We (me and my late partner) used to drive around during the holidays and look at the lights.  Since he has been gone I haven’t done that but said that this year would be different.  Nah, it’s just not the same w/o him.  Maybe if and when I find someone I will change my tune but as for now I’d rather spend time with my cats, listening to them purr, meow and snore.  Smelling a candle burning while watching TV and relaxing, maybe even squeeze in a nap.  That is my idea of a good time, lame as it might be. 

I still need to trap Ruth to trim her claws and as per usual not looking forward to it.  I also have to clean the house so Monday will be quite the busy day for me.  Let’s just hope that I have the energy and drive to make it all happen before I throw my feet up and call it a day.  Plenty of laundry to go with all of that as well. 

Tuesday it will be back to work and back to the routine.  Boss man is out until Thursday.  Hoping for lots of quiet even though everyone for the most part will be back from the holidays and ready to work.  I am ready to go on vacation.  If I had the time and money to go with it, then I would get away probably to some place warmer, even if only for a few days. 

Be safe, stay warm and come back again soon.  There will be plenty more for me to talk about.  Take care. 

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