03 January 2017

First day of work

Traffic was back to normal, slow to get to work but thanks to the cushion I have allowed, I made it in early.  Hopefully the commute home won’t be that bad, but I’ll know soon enough. 

This morning work was just crazy busy, like everything was happening at once.  I made it through all of that and now that things have quieted down I am ready for a nap.  It was a struggle to get out of bed this morning but I made it.  The days to come will no doubt be equally as difficult but it’s one of those necessary evils that I have to contend with. 

Ruth is pretty well back to her normal self.  Acting fine, being bossy to her siblings and trying to hog the food.  She has let me pet her and I think things are no worse for the wear.  She is more aware of her surroundings and a little afraid to let her guard down.  I suspect the fact that I am not home right now helps and she is probably relaxing having a great old time. 

Lunch time is about to happen.  I was scheduled for a meeting but it was cancelled so I can take my lunch leisurely.  Helps that my boss is off, but I still have Ms. Prissy to contend with.  There is a meeting that she will be on and running a bit later this afternoon.  Outside of that unless something breaks, it should all be really quiet for me. 

Spent last night listening to some old tunes from my younger days.  Jefferson Starship or Starship as they are known as well as April Wine and Firefall.  Nice to hear those tunes and to just relax.  I have wanted to catch up on porn but I just keep putting it off.  Not sure why, I mean everyone collects something.  For me it’s porn so you’d think I would be all into it, but nah listening to music sounded much better to me. 

Before it got to be too late, I went upstairs and put Bear on the couch with me.  I had some ice cream and we watched TV for about an hour.  An ambulance came to one of my neighbors houses.  Not sure what all of the fuss was about, I stayed put with Bear on my lap.  I really enjoy flashing lights but don’t like to see them behind me or in my neighborhood. 

Thought a lot about my friend that is passing away, said some prayers and before you know it I was in dreamland.  Marvin stayed with me for a short time and then he had to leave.  Not sure what that was all about but sleeping by myself is enjoyable.

Got a nibble on one of the dating apps.  Were just exchanging the basic hello part now.  Not sure that it’s going to go anywhere but one never knows. 

Time to wash my paws, break out my food and devour.  I saved some BBQ and Mac & Cheese from last night so I will be able to eat good again tonight.  Weather will be turning colder so I’m thinking Chicken Pot Pie for supper on Wednesday.  Never hurts to plan ahead.  Have to stop and see what is in the mail tonight.  Plans for relaxation on the couch again with Bear. 

Still waiting to get a call from the dealer.  I don’t think that will happen today and I get it they are probably busy.  If I don’t hear from them, I will likely check in tomorrow.  Bring on the food now! 

Take care, happy Monday on a Tuesday.  Be Safe & Stay Warm!  Talk with you again soon.

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