06 January 2017

First Friday 2017

We finally made it to the first Friday of the year.  Whoopee!  This morning I discovered a new problem that someone living alone might have.  It’s actually the subject of a song written by Adam Sandler.  It’s called Zittly VanZittles.  It’s about a guy who has a girlfriend that leaves him, he gets a pimple on his back and just wants her to squeeze it.  This morning just before I got the shower I saw there was something on my back.  I looked closer and yep it’s a large pimple.  Well it’s in an odd spot just below my wing.  I can reach it with my left hand but it’s on the left side and my right arm won’t go there.  As soon as I was in this odd position I thought of the song.  It was funny to listen to but it’s a real problem if you live alone.  No one to help you squeeze.  I did my best and got it 1/2 way popped, which felt good.  Now I just need that squeeze and I know I’ll be as good as new.  However, who do I ask.  A co-worker/friend yeah the thought is there but I figure it would repulse most people.  I’ve tried using pliers and a spoon while at my desk, but that proved unsuccessful.  I was even on the phone – sort of like a circus act but no one could see me.  It does hurt and I really want the squeeze but I think I will have to wait until I get home and see if I can’t find some clever way to not cause injury to myself but to accomplish my goal.  It’s times like these that I get creative and wind up hurting myself.  I thought about breaking out my large knife that I keep at work, which BTW is still in new shape and sharper than I am.  However, I figured I would do more harm than good.  Not a great way to leave the office and people would laugh.  I don’t mind people laughing but don’t want them to laugh at me.  I sure hope when I wake up tomorrow it feels better regardless of what I try.  I don’t typically get acne on my back, so this came as quite the surprise.

Got an emotional phone call from the boss yesterday.  He went on a ski trip with his daughter.  She broke her leg and of course he feels responsible.  He was pretty emotional in telling the recap of the story.  The best medicine for him was to come back to work  I think he was driven crazy being around that much estrogen.  The poor thing is only like 10 or 11 and she has to use a wheelchair now for 4 weeks.  No weight on the leg at all.  It’s a spiral fracture.  When he said that the only thing I could think of was a spiral sliced ham.  I didn’t say anything just kept to myself.  I understand how he feels I kind of felt similar to that on Monday with Ruth when she hurt herself.  I wasn’t crying but I was concerned and then the bill came and now I had something to cry about. 

Speaking of Ruth, she is doing just fine.  Back to her old hiss monster self.  She is hissing at all of us, which is what she does.  She does meow at me for attention.  Last night I know she needs to be brushed so I tried to use a brush on her and she freaked out.  She only lets me pet her or scratch her with my hand, nothing else is allowed no matter how sneaky you might be.  Of course being sneaky is what got me into the mess on Monday in the first place.  Thankfully other than the day of the incident this didn’t harm our relationship, which I am thankful for.  I am also glad she is okay.

Wow it’s super cold outside.  Mother Nature is playing games with us.  Right now were in the deep freeze and by this time next week it’s suppose to be 50.  Lots of people are sick around here.  I just hope that I won’t be one of them.  Like with anything I enjoy consistency but you can’t always get that out of the weather. 

Had an amazing night with Bear, I watched TV while he napped on my leg.  Not sure why he doesn’t let his hair down and relax all the time, but I am glad that he feels comfortable enough to do it with me.  Marvin has been not wanting to sleep with me.  He comes in and hangs out but when it’s time for bed, he is quick to run out the door.  I understand on a night that I gave him a pill but every single night, nope something isn’t right with my Marvin.  I suspect it’s his IBS and I really don’t want to go back to the vet.  I’ve got my eye on him, if it’s obvious that he needs medical care then I won’t hesitate.  It will be interesting to see how things play out over the weekend since that is a free for all when I allow everyone in and don’t just restrict it to him.  The last thing I want is to be looking at another vet bill. 

Got my Cinnamon Pecans from Amazon yesterday, that was the highlight of my day, outside of Bear falling asleep on my leg.  Monday will be enjoyable as well because my Wedding Cake cookies will arrive.  I’m just nuts about pecans.  When I think of nuts I can’t help but remember last year when I grabbed a friend from work, she had a can of nuts at her desk.  I said you want a laugh?  She said sure.  I said grab your can and follow me.  We walked to where the guy I like sits downstairs.  This is the same guy I don’t really have much dealings with because he thinks of me as a co-worker and not a friend.  Anyway I grabbed the can just before we got in his vicinity and said okay watch this.  We both walked in and wouldn’t you know it his cube mates were there to see it all.  I walked straight up to him and said hey I heard you want to eat my nuts and I held out the can.  Everyone cracked up, I had the most fun because I have the maddest crush on him.  Plus he and the friend I walked down with both know that I am gay.  She never in a million years thought I would do something like that, she was in hysterics with her laughter.  That took some time to calm her down and then we all went back to work.  I really wish he would eat my nuts and I am talking about the nuts that are physically attached to my body. 

Now on to the dating scene.  No change.  I did have two guys I was interested in but one of them is a fan of open relationships, that is a big no in my book so he is gone.  The other one smoked marijuana on occasion, another big no in my book.  No smokers, No drinkers (socially is fine but not every damn day), No druggies, you have to be faithful and not screw around.  These are qualities that I don’t feel are asking too much but I know are rare.  My standards are a big portion of what is keeping me single.  However, I want what I want and I am not going to settle.  I deserve nothing but the best and when it comes to a mate – no one and I mean no one should settle.  Settling will lead to issues down the road.  Be happy from the start.  A relationship takes work and if your both in it for the right reasons then you’ll be fine. 

Now it’s off to a meeting.  Plenty to do but I don’t want to do any of it, would rather pack up and go home.  Where I know it’s warm and I have my walking fur coat family to keep me company.  Have a great weekend and I will talk with you all again soon.

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